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Artificial insemination: the transmitter satisfies the child's request pair

A couple from the US state of Florida wanted to have a child. Of course, this was not possible for Krista and Anthony R., as their doctors told them. Then they heard about an unusual action from a radio station – just a year later, little Garrett Campbell saw the light of day.

The couple's (past) ordeal began when testicular cancer was diagnosed to Anthony in 2017, as reported by the couple on their Facebook account. It can be treated in 95 percent of all cases, as summarized by the German Society of Urology. However, usually only by surgical removal of the affected testicle. In many cases, however, sperm quality is already limited by the previous disease, regardless of treatment. The couple knew that by natural means they would not be able to generate a child together.

But then the couple heard of an unusual lottery. "Win A Baby" – that's what the B103.9 radio station said, as Krista and Anthony told in a conversation on the TV show "Good Morning America". You should create a video of the application to present yourself and your story.

In the clip, Krista talked about his enormous desire for a child and why he needed artificial insemination. It quickly convinced the audience of the radio station. These should vote who receives the treatment. The choice was clear enough for Krista and Anthony. Now nothing hindered his in vitro treatment.

The radio station also supported the second attempt

An in vitro treatment is suitable for couples who have not had success in other infertility treatments. Statistically, about every fifth treatment cycle is successful and c & # 39; is a birth. However, the chances of success vary greatly and depend on various factors.

Anthony and Krista were unlucky in the beginning. The first attempt failed. But they were not discouraged. The couple tried again – and was also financially supported by B103.9 in this second attempt.

Now they have been successful. At the end of August, little Garrett Campbell was born after 55 hours of work. "He doesn't meet anyone he doesn't love," says Krista. "He just loves cuddling and smiling at all." And the couple is happy to finally be parents.

sources: Krista and Anthony Riviera's Facebook account, German Urology Society, "Good Morning America"