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Bitcoin Group: Will the change take place now?

In early November, the Bitcoin group fell back below 50 days after a brief rise. There was a new downtrend. He lowered the value Monday to a minimum of 24.55 euros. However, buyers have managed to stabilize the stock at this level and start an increase.

He then continued, although it is unfortunate that the strong momentum of the beginning of the week in recent days has not been observed. Nevertheless, buyers now have the opportunity to continue to increase and advance to the 50-day line.

This continues to fall and currently stands at 28.36 euros. If the bull manages to exceed the moving average this time around, there is a chance to turn around and significantly improve the mishandled graphic image. This could be proved by a rise from the October 28th high of 30.95 euros.

However, if buyers fail again on the moving average or if the youth uptrend is already interrupted before the 50-day line can be reached, a new test of the 25 November minimum at 24.55 euros must be scheduled. As it is already very close to the price differential between 21.30 EUR and 23.90 EUR on April 2, it is expected that this gap will be reduced soon.

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Should investors sell immediately? Or is it worth it to start with Bitcoin?

How will the stock continue to grow? Is your money safe in this stock? The answers to these questions and the reason you need to act now are in the current analysis of Bitcoin sharing.

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