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Bitcoin Spam with "Google Code" on Facebook • mimikama

Currently, no more status messages are posted on Facebook, they contain a "Google code" and generate Bitcoin spam.

Again and again, affiliate partners of various Bitcoin trading sites are trying to guide Facebook users to their site via a "Google code". Contributors talk about "crazy merits" and the ease of the method.

The status contribution is as follows:

My life has changed for the better! A week ago, I had no idea of ​​crypto-currencies and I now earn between 400 and 500 euros per day! It's crazy !!! I just had to share it with you !!! If you want to make money this way, I can recommend a method that has taught me everything. It's really easy, makes you happy and does not take a lot of time! Simply enter this code in the Google search field "DGL279ALX" and click on the first search result. The team is at your disposal 24 hours a day and helps you

The verification of the facts

We have already had a similar case in May 2019. The text is similar to the requested status contribution and is also suitable for the method to attract via code and Google on a website.

In fact, Google publishes only two results regarding this code. The second search is limited to a facebook entry that includes the requested status contribution. We click on the first link proposed and access a web page containing a data entry mask. This is a bitcoin trading site.

Why a code?
The code is used so that the link to the Bitcoin page is found only "once". In fact, it is an affiliate link. In other words, if a user finds the Bitcoin commerce website via this link, the creator of the affiliate link earns it by connecting to the site.

Why not post the link directly?
This may well be explained on the basis of May's example, as it is not visible on the homepage, which is partly visible in the Facebook preview. This text can also be viewed via the source code on the website.

– Publicity –

Topical subject:
What color is this shoe?

This is not necessary in this case, because whoever scrolls down the page finds this note:

IMPORTANT: sales figure and disclaimers

Representations of Earnings and Revenues (collectively, "This Website") are used only as a valid example of your potential winnings. The success of testimonials and other examples is exceptional and therefore does not guarantee that you or others would achieve the same results. The individual results will be different and will depend entirely on your use of.

This site is not responsible for your actions. You are solely responsible for your actions and decisions when using products and services and should always exercise caution and due diligence. You agree that this website is in no way responsible to you for the result of the use of our products and services. Our complete disclaimer and other restrictions may be found in our Terms and Conditions.

This website may receive compensation for the products and services that are recommended to you. If you do not want this site to be paid for a referral, we recommend that you search online for a similar product via a non-affiliate link.

It is not so easy for you to get a "crazy merit".

The node of bitcoin trading
Users who want to enrich with binary options should keep in mind that this is not as easy as it is presented.

The operators of the trading page not only receive the personal data of the new customer, but in most cases, as in this case, they require a starting capital of 250 euros. A profit is then but not guaranteed.

This is a highly speculative method – similar to a bet. The investor is only attracted by the argument that he enriches quickly. In fact, as with stock markets in general, you must be very competent to be able to generate profits. It is not so easy.

This applies: Inform and search, then invest! Otherwise, stay away!