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Brad Pitt: Lover Alia Shawkat

New girlfriend for Brad Pitt?

Brad Pitt is he going back up? the Once upon a time in Hollywood"Star has not experienced many years and 2016 has been a surprising year Separation of Angelina Jolie after eleven years of marriage known – both were considered the Hollywood dream couple.

It was followed by an effective media war against roses in court, which focused mainly on the care of six children. Dirty details finally revealed that the 55-year-old player has been around for years Drug and alcohol problems had to fight.

Lovers of Alia Shawkat?

But that seems to end once and for all, as Brad Pitt finally seems to have come back to the front – and that could not last at once. new woman by his side are. Like various American media, including American "OKAY!" The father has become suspicious often with his own in recent weeks 25 years younger Colleague Alia Shawkat has been spotted.

Together in the service of Kanye West

Together, Brad and Alia visited an art exhibition, attended a play and a comedy show and even together. Cult of Kanye West have visited. Near Eng both took part in the scandal-rappers fair, until the brunette hottie even lovingly caught him in the arm.

As insiders claim against the American media, friendship has finally become love, with the Difference in age should not play any role for any of them:

She likes how down-to-earth Brad is, what she did not expect. And he likes the fact that she is smart and says her opinion.

If you continue to believe the media reports, but the Lovebirds would like to slow down for now, and partly because of Angelina Jolie. The 45-year-old divorce is not yet fully regulated. The 30-year-old girl has not yet met the six children of her new boyfriend:

He is also worried about how Alia will handle the attention she receives when she goes out with Brad Pitt. Few women can handle this.

Really a couple of love?

But there are also divergent voices who think that Brad and Alia are just friends who spend a little more time together: "He has a large group of artist friends with whom he depends, many are women, but he makes friends."

If the two are really only friends or if the two sparks fly, only the two know each other up to now, but we will certainly know …

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