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Claire Foy again in season 4

The Crown: Claire Foy back in season 4

Claire Foy at the crown (c) Netflix

Original Queen Claire Foy of the first two seasons of the Netflix series The Crown is back for a flashback sequence in the fourth season. The reigning regent remains during the Olivia Colman season.

The winner of an Emmy Award, Claire Foy, was seen on the set of season four of The Crown. strong Digital Spy This is where Queen Elizabeth II's 21st birthday speech was adjusted, which she held in 1947 during the colonial tour of Africa. It will be a flashback scene for the coming season, after all, the crown was after a leap in the third season's time to his colleague, the Oscar winner, Olivia Colman ("Broadchurch,").The favourite").

Olivia Colman

Olivia Colman

Season three of "The crown"Joined Netflix on November 17 with a new cast in all roles (except for John Lithgow as Winston Churchill), while working on the next season of"The crown"At full speed it will be in the 1980s, which means that two great British ladies are on the scene: Emma Corrin in the role of Princess Diana and star X-Files, Gillian Anderson in the role of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady.

Other squadrons of the Queen in her old age are also expected, but have not yet been officially commissioned by Netflix. It is not yet known who would play Queen Elizabeth II in the fifth and sixth season – allegedly actress Imelda Staunton ("Harry Potter", Downton Abbey), however, for the royal role in the conversation.

"The crown"Comes from British screenwriter Peter Morgan, who is already in his film"The Queen"With the English queen and the sudden death of Princess Diana in 1997. Helen Mirren, who was last seen as Catherine the Great in HBO and Sky's historic Catherine the Great mini-series played the main role.

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