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Deutsche Bahn gets into trouble with the Bundeskartellamt

Deutsche Bahn threatens problems with the Bundeskartellamt. The agency accuses the group of deliberately slowing down the success of mobility apps. Discounts on train tickets would also be artificially difficult.

The Bundeskartellamt has initiated proceedings against Deutsche Bahn for market power abuse and obstruction of Internet intermediaries. Mobility platforms, for example, did not receive sufficient rail data from the railway, the agency said Thursday.

Furthermore, the train apparently would not have discounts on these platforms. "We are following the example and will examine whether Deutsche Bahn AG unduly restricts the availability and attractiveness of consumer mobility platforms," ​​said Antimonopoly president Andreas Mundt.

Mobility apps don't move

For years, various suppliers have tried to create and create digital mobility platforms on the market. Users can plan their journey on the Internet or via app using various means of transport, compare prices and book trips directly. Often, however, these provider-independent switching platforms do not work due to missing interfaces.

To build a well-functioning offer, developers must, for example, access the time or even improve real-time public transport data. Car sharing and e-scooter providers should share the locations of their vehicles.

According to the Federal Cartel Office, however, Deutsche Bahn maintains real-time data from its closed trains. Ticket sales are also only under the strict management of the Group. This would prevent offering train tickets on other platforms at reduced prices. The cartel office also wants to check whether Deutsche Bahn has inadequate advertising conditions for alternative mobility offerings in order to slow down its success.