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Droppen – Coppen – Resell: when sneakers become investments – ZeitJung

By Benjamin Miltner

re"Black Friday" is also more and more German in Germany during the day of purchases. Not just for normal customers. But also for collectors and speculators. In particular: shoes. More precisely: Sneaker. Because the Tretern, once trivial, has become in recent decades, only a mass phenomenon, then a cultural asset – and now a speculative object. Adolescents and young adults, in particular, consider sports shoes as a fetish, as an economic model.

Martin Becker (name changed) is one of them. The 23-year-old lives on the mountain road – and has been in the madness of sneakers for about six years. The boxes piled up in his apartment – and not just because he just moved in. But because the shoes come and go with him. There are currently more than 50 pairs of sneakers – and the trend is on the rise. Including some of the coveted limited versions.

Jordans did it to him specially. His last shots: A Jordan 1 Low and a Jordan 6 Jack Cactus. A few weeks ago, he bought them for just under 200 euros each – now they are each worth more than 700 euros. He will wear one pair and resell the other. "I was also interested in shoes in my teens before," says Becker. "But I did not know anything about it."

Mit "something like this", it means the giant market. Because sneakers "explode", they are in full swing. This benefits primarily to major fashion companies like Nike and Adidas. The two "big players" dominate the market, register a strong growth of their sales for years and realize profits. According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Nike spent $ 22.3 billion in sports shoes last year, or $ 14.6 billion for Adidas.

The drivers of the "Sneakermania" are stars who become trendsetters and designers. One of them is the American Michael Jordan. Basketball has made it a sports legend – the hype of the billionaire against sneakers. It was he who unleashed the first stage of madness in 1984 with the first "Air Jordan" stemming from his collaboration with Nike. American rappers Kanye West (first Nike, now Adidas), Travis Scott and Virgil Abloh design genius (both Nike) are making even more noise. They enter into cooperations with large companies, create their own fashion lines and keep the gold mine in business. And from the total profit of the crush, some intelligent specialists of Riecher also participate in the cosmos of the shoe.

Droppen - Coppen - Resell: when sneakers become investments - ZeitJung 2 We traded thousands of dollars for sneakers: the Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Red October" by Kanye West. Photo: Lawrie

A cosmos that knows three phases above all else. First, the prelude – the key question: when will a shoe be launched on the market? The key word: dropping (see also "Zeitjung-Lexikon" below). Second, the game. The key question: how to get the piece? The key word: Coppen (Buy). Third, the epilogue. The key question: when and with what profit can I sell the sneakers? The key word: Resell. Welcome to the language world of sneakerholics.

UAnd let's go back to Martin Becker. He launches the next technical word: "Raffles". These are manufacturers' lotteries, where you can earn the right to buy limited edition shoes with a little luck. "I compete in competitions all over the world – the United States, Singapore, China, Sweden – wherever there are shoes," Becker laughs. That went so far that he was driven by a car to London and looking for a shoe. It seems crazy. But that's all but an isolated case. You must take advantage of the opportunities you get. They are rare. Too big is the demand, too little chance to win in the global group of millions of people interested in a few thousand sneakers. Incidentally, the couple tasted about 160 euros – it is worth almost 3000 euros today.

Figures that seem as absurd as some stories of the cosmos of sneakers. For example, when fans are camping days and nights in front of a store to get the latest shoes. When Kanye West and DJ Khaled meet at the airport, the rapper gives the DJ his last shoe, then they both go back in their private jet and their home of departure. When basketball games take place in the NBA, in the hallway, 30 meters away from the team bus, stars such as LeBron James, James Harden and Stephen Curry wear clothes and shoes of a kind. worth a thousand euros, of course, from their own collection. Photos shoot and everything make it even more expensive.

In other words, it is so that marketing works today. And it is also this machine that leaks, so give details on the new models that escape outside. The industry only fights it without conviction. It's no wonder that all bloggers, influencers and hackers are fueling market rumors and the popularity of their brands. In addition, the secondary market is booming. For resale, there are clean purses, such as StockX – a kind of online market for sports shoes, on which the purchase prices vary depending on the supply and demand in time real.

faFlexibility, speed, good nervousness, speed, luck: all this is necessary in the shoe industry. But one thing beats everything: information. Thus, Martin Becker has entered the circles of those who are the first to know what shoe, when, where, how it unfolds, how procedures, what automated stuff and computer programs, called bots, it exists in the seizure crucial information. Check to be faster than the global competition. Knowledge is power. That's the only reason Becker has known for weeks that Black Friday will miss his post. Nike and Adidas will release a series of new limited edition models instead of "just" about a week.

But what about business? Martin Becker does not want to wear this shoe. "You also have to get interested in sneakers, if I had itching, I could not do it," he says. "I celebrate shoes and style, that's why I wear them myself."