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Facebook and Instagram are accessible only to a limited extent

Social networks Facebook and Instagram currently have technical problems. From the afternoon, users report interruptions around the world. The company asks for patience.

The Facebook company is currently apparently struggling with huge technical problems. Thousands of users have reported since the afternoon that content uploading, both on Facebook's Instagram service and on Facebook itself, is failing.

Other users write that they cannot access the services. On Twitter, thousands talk about their experiences with the #instagramdown and #facebookdown hashtags.

Meanwhile, the company has admitted that the services are not flawless.

When asked about Facebook, the editors of Good king News received an identical declaration. Even with the reporting portal setupö the number of disturbances recorded since the afternoon for Instagram and Facebook has increased considerably.

According to the information provided by the platform, accident reports come mainly from Europe, North and South America. In fact, the interruption seems to be a global problem, as reports on the limited accessibility of social networks are also found in various US media.

The WhatsApp chat service, also a company of the Facebook group, does not seem to be affected by the road. What exactly is the cause of the technical problems on Facebook and Instagram and when they will be solved, currently it is not known.