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Football – coach Löw before the draw: "Take it like that comes" – sport

Bucharest (AP) – Kevin De Bruyne's tough choice in the Joachim Loew European Championship debates is not on his lips. But the relief of the national coach, during the upcoming summer football, at least in the group stage to escape a stressor, is clearly felt.

"It's an advantage you do not have to travel," said Löw following three home-guaranteed matches in Munich. "You come back late after a game, which is good if you can adapt to short trips."

Unlike Löw, some competitors of the German national team, such as the world champion of France, the vice-champion of Croatia or the defending champion of Portugal and the superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, worry about the draw the lot that will have been reserved Saturday in Bucharest (18h). No one wants to be miserable for the twelve-guest system, which had been designed by UEFA President Michel Platini, which was subsequently banned.

In Italy, in group A, for example, at least one team is threatened with a double continental leap between the three group matches of Rome and Baku on the Caspian Sea, totaling nearly 30 hours of flying on two time zones. The two-hour bus ride from the Allianz Arena's DFB team to the ME headquarters in Herzogenaurach is comparable to a casual team outing.

"With the draw, a tournament has its face, so I'm looking forward to going to Bucharest, if we know our opponents and other possible constellations, we can go further in our concrete projects." I am very calm, we take it as we come, "said Loew.

Belgian superstar De Bruyne will be shuttling between Copenhagen and St. Petersburg this summer, and he does not see it as relaxed. The course of his European championship is already established before the raffle at the Romexpo exhibition center, because of the complexity of the arithmetic of the tournament, said the Manchester City midfielder as "a disgrace". "For me, this sounds like a distortion of competition," said De Bruyne.

Leverkusen goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky is hoping the Finns have a 50% chance of joining the group. "We only have two options: the Italian group or the Russian, and for all our Finnish fans traveling with them, it would be great if we played in Copenhagen and Russia."

De Bruyne has become a prominent critic of the tournament thanks to his statements. "Football has become more and more of an affair," he told Belgian TV station VTM Nieuws. And as paradoxical as it sounds, he also receives encouragement at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, on Lake Geneva, at least privately.

As a bizarre anecdote in the history of football, FIFA President Gianni Infantino said in 2012, as Platini's loyal general secretary, that: "We will celebrate the biggest party ever organized at the European Championship in 2020 at the European Championship ".

The decision to participate in the Pan-Europa tournament has many reasons. Platini talked about the characters that connect the characters 60 years after the first tournament in 1960, but he hoped above all a good publicity and a happy people in Eastern Europe. Turkey, as a promising single host, has also appeared to many hard-to-negotiate people – an argument that still holds today.

Meanwhile, the continental association is groaning because of the complicated tournament process. Communication and logistics with ten host languages ​​and four time zones are one, seven different currencies and the great uncertainty about the possible consequences of Brexit is the other.

The increase for the London site of seven European league matches, including the two semi-finals and the final originally scheduled, paradoxically had essentially economic reasons. An economy of 80 million euros in planning costs, revealed by a senior official of the German press agency, UEFA. After the withdrawal of their host from Brussels Wembley, they simply chose the heart of the EM and decided not to take Cardiff or Stockholm as a possible 13th tournament.

For Löw, the advantage of the field at the end of the group stage will be over. In the elimination phase everything is possible – from Dublin to Baku and from Bilbao to St. Petersburg, depending on what happens before the last week in Wembley. "Desires to travel can be a problem," Loew said. He knows it since the complex logistics of the tournaments leading to the 2014 world title in Brazil.