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"Football lesson" at Camp Nou: Lionel Messi leaves the BVB shamelessly astonished

FC Barcelona no longer breathes the big sparkle. In the Champions League, even the most flagrant outsider in the group diverts a point from Camp Nou. An anxious BVB however can only look with admiration when it is dissected by the best player in the world.

"We are in a state where victories are more important than the match," said Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué recently, which is a remarkable statement for a club that, according to its own concept, "as a club" 39, ie "more than a club" is. The big FC Barcelona is suffering a bit for himself these days, the brilliance is exhausted. In the Champions League, he escaped even with difficulty a draw against Slavia Prague. "This team does not have any of the characteristic traits of the best teams in the history of the club and leaves no comparison with the most respectable teams in Europe," had analyzed the daily "El Pais". Borussia Dortmund could have pulled something out of Camp Nou on Wednesday night. But he entered 1: 3 (0: 2) differently, because Messi came back.

While the match between the Bundesliga and the Catalans was whistled, the supporters of the BVB, but also the interested German public, shook again. This time it was not about the performance or mentality of the Kriselnden Bundesliga, but the idea too long discouraged was too solid. No, it's Lionel Messi, the superstar of the Catalans, the "best player I've ever seen" who shook his head, said BVB defender Mats Hummels afterwards, and unlike Messi, himself world champion. And yet, of course, it's scary and depressing when the highly decorated center back of the reigning German runner-up, after a 1 / 3rd breath time: "Nothing happened for which we must be ashamed as a team. "

Once again, Dortmund conceded three goals, as last Friday against SC Paderborn. But instead of discussing how they could have had two goals from a Paderborn striker, Streli Mamba, who was previously little known on the international scene, today 's discussions carry more weight. on the most ingenious moment of Messi Wednesday night. The direct partner of the pass, Luis Suarez, with Argentina before the 1: 0 beat the defense of the BVB? The exact centimeter ball with which Messi sits so comfortably in the penalty box after a short swing in midfielder Antoine Griezmann, that the Frenchman could easily reach the score of 3-0 in the middle of 39, a phase of urgent need in Dortmund? A performance that "El Pais" account since his passage from the French crisis to the Atletico to a "Messi even relieved Griezmann" tore. Or the free kick in the 75th minute, which flew in an almost perfect curve between admirers on the crossbar?

"A football class given by Messi"

The elegant, but for Messi standards rather staid 2: 0 was a solid business. At least if you are the best player in the world. The impressive figures are not to be discussed: the 32-year-old played his 700th match for FC Barcelona, ​​for whom he has played since the age of 14. The statistics make 863 appearances since the demonstration against poor Dortmund, 609 goals scored the defending world football player, including 114 in the Champions League. "A football lesson given by Messi" had seen the Spanish sports newspaper "Sport", a "brilliant Messi" who was watching "El Periódico de Catalunya" and Sport1 had dedicated the game to "the magic stage of Lionel Messi" at "Borussia Dortmund" has long been demoted to amazing extras.

The Spanish daily El Pais, quoted by an indeterminate Barça player last week, reportedly said: "It's as if the best player in the world is playing with us, who can put the ball in there, where he's looking. "Against Dortmund won the only player of 1.70 m, even in a duel in the penalty area of ​​BVB.

"We did not play bad, but we did not play well," said Hummels. And recognized, "If Lionel Messi has the ball, it is a fire hazard, it is difficult to play here." Dortmund was the victim of the bad luck that Lionel Messi proves too regularly that he is rightly the best player that Hummels has ever seen. After all, Messi made a weak scene: in the second half, he took a yellow card – because of a swallow.