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Future BTCs with 100x trading volume

Future BTCs with 100x trading volume 2

In mid-September, there was still a lot of skepticism about whether Bakkt Bitcoin's future would meet the expected answer. Is the big money coming from institutional investors? At least now, it is clear that Bakkt makes the bulls hot. The Bitcoin Future Stock Exchange has been able to multiply by 100 its daily trading volume since its launch in September. Yesterday, 5671 bitcoins were traded, worth $ 42 million. Will Bakkt bring the next Bullrun?

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures with 100x since September

Certainly, at the beginning of the Bakkt opening in September, we also reported that the beginning of Bitcoin futures had started lazily. At the same time, we also indicated that starting such a platform always requires some startup time.

And exactly this startup time seems to be over now. Since September, Bitcoin's daily trading volume has been increased 100 times. While volumes of $ 250,000 a day were trading early, yesterday, Bakkt was now trading at $ 42 million.

First of all, of course, it's good news that Bakkt is growing so fast. Because obviously, the interest for the Bitcoin Futures increases permanently. Alex Krüger, crypto analyst, still does not see the news too optimistic. Because the number of Bitcoins delivered physically is almost zero. Thus, according to Krüger, it is much more of a "paper classification" than actual delivery of the BTC.

BTC Options and Cash Settlement Futures in December

We note that Bakkt has managed to create a bullish momentum with Bitcoin Futures. To encourage this even further, he already has two other assets in his sleeve. There will be Bitcoin options from December 9th. Futures and options are two very similar financial instruments. The difference is small but significant:

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Although futures contracts are legally binding, an investor in options acquires much more the purchase or the right to sell. This means that an investor does not have to buy / sell the asset directly on the delivery date (= expiry date of the contract). In more succinct terms: Futures contracts are firm and legally binding. The options are more flexible.

Let's take a look at the second asset that keeps Bakkt: the so-called "cash settlement" futures contracts. Although the peculiarity of Bakkt was to be limited to physical futures with Bitcoin, this will now change. Futures contracts will also be launched in Singapore on December 9th.

How is Bakkt News optimistic for you? – Record volume, options in bitcoins and cash settled futures contracts. Will the Bakkt Bitcoin rocket ignite the next Bullrun?

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