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God loves the rich: Kanye West preaches the gospel of prosperity

Washington (epd). Rapper, music producer, fashion designer, Donald Trump fan: Kanye West is a superstar – megalomaniac and great with his music, as the critics describe it. At present, it's the 42-year-old who prefers it, to the front page. The religious America must face it. In the spotlight, West stands out for its effective advertising engagement in the new Christian religion. More recently, he presented his religious opera "Nebuchadnezzar" on the Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl outdoor stage in Los Angeles this weekend, posting Bible quotes on Twitter. "Strange", "bold" and "confused", that's how Rolling Stone magazine described the concept. In mid-November, he was hailed in one of the largest religious congregations in the United States, Lakewood prosperity church preacher Joel Osteen, in Houston, Texas. Supposedly, God Gives Wealth The Gospel of Prosperity, prevalent in the United States, teaches that God wants to give believers a happy and materially blessed life in the here and now – and that it's This is precisely how the blessing of God can be recognized. West is described as the "greatest artist God ever created" in the Lakewood Church. And this artist is now working for God. In October, his latest album entitled "Jesus Is King" is out. He sings a powerful gospel choir. "Jesus saved me," he says in one of the songs. A song proclaims: "Jesus is the Lord". Another rents the chain of restaurants "Chick-fil-A": They closed on Sunday. For religious reasons, say the owners. This can be interpreted as a challenge in the culture war in the United States: LGBTQ groups boycott "Chic-fil-A" because the company would have subsidized organizations against same-sex marriage. The West organizes its own worship services As early as January 2019, Kanye West began organizing praise services on Sunday, initially on a small scale for Hollywood celebrities. In the meantime, thousands arrive. The reactions are mixed. While an evangelical author praises West's "sincerity," the website states that the rapper has hired a choir that "not only sings his songs but also wears his fashion brand". Religious historian Kate Bowler told The Washington Post that the West had found an appropriate theological home with entrepreneur and televangelist Joel Osteen, believing he was the best artist on the planet. Both are convinced that God is manifested in health, prosperity, happiness and success – and like to show their own successes as proof. The "spiritual advisor" of US President Donald Trump, TV preacher Paula White, is considered the main representative of the evangelization of prosperity. You have to think positively, she proclaims. And make a donation. You make a donation. According to the weekly Newsweek, White reportedly said that for $ 229 she would also receive a "bottle of anointing oil" that she would have to pour on herself, on members of his family "and even on his checkbook". Significant support for conservatives Evangelical Christians are an important group for Republicans. President Trump praised West's new album as "the incarnation of fearless creativity" and the artist as a "pioneer". "I love this man," West said during his visit to the Oval Office in the fall of 2018 about Trump. Religious subjects are not really new to Kanye West. Already on his album "College Dropout" 2004, he had spoken of faith, but it always had a critical sense: "I want to talk to God, but I'm afraid because we have not talked for so long," says he. At the same time, fans worry about the condition of Kanye West, who recently reiterated her bipolar disorder. He felt a "stronger connection with the universe" when the symptoms occurred, he said. In 2024, West wants to become president of the United States. US minister says Trump, considered "elected", free churches in Bielefeld more popular than ever