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Godfrey Gao: Death at 35 – the actor in the portrait

Any help came too late. After the Taiwanese-Canadian actor Godfrey Gao collapsed during the filming of the Chinese TV show "Chase Me", he was hospitalized. There, the doctors told the 35-year-old after two hours of death, Gao died of a heart attack. The sports show "Zhui Wo Ba" ("catch me") is known to celebrate against normal participants, sometimes in difficult circumstances and one against the other at night, and also to their physical limitations.

Death at 25: Godfrey Gao died in a Chinese TV show

"We are shocked and sad", declared the agency GaSt JetStar Entertainment. Gao is considered a pioneer of many Asian stars. In 2011, the luxury brand Louis Vuitton presented it as a model of its spring and summer campaign. It was the first Asian male model in the 157-year history of the fashion house. Commitment has come at a time when Hollywood has had an even greater diversity problem than today. Asian actors have just been chosen. "When Godfrey Gao became the first Asian male supermodel in the world, something started in our brains because we finally saw that it was possible," says Oscric Chau of the Canadian edition of The Star. "He was one of us."

He returned to Asia

Born in 1984 in Taipei, Taiwan, Gao moved with his family to Vancouver as a child. Almost 15 years ago, the actor returned to Taiwan, where he wanted to continue his career. The Louis Vuitton campaign became a springboard for him. He himself told the "Independent" newspaper that he welcomed the casting of the fashion house. "I think it's great that Louis Vuitton has hired the first Asian man in all these years and that he has left me breathless, to tell the truth," he said. "I never thought I had the opportunity to be an Asian representative at this level."

In addition to his success as a model, Gao has starred in both Hollywood and Asian films.

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