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Grandma invited a stranger to Thanksgiving – now she's part of the family

When Wanda Dench, a grandmother from the Arizona, inadvertently invited the unknown teenager Jamal Hinton to the 2016 Thanksgiving dinner, he had no idea that "more" would come. It started when Dench wanted to send his vacation plans to his 24-year-old nephew. However, while typing the phone number, he had a payer and the invitation text message landed on a stranger. Instead of his nephew, his invitation reached 17-year-old Jamals Hinton.

Family tradition of a special kind

In the beginning, the adolescent was confused by a stranger's personal message – but he accepted the invitation fortunately. Despite the misunderstanding, the Denches welcomed him to their home. The Thanksgiving meeting became a tradition and, of course, the young man again accepted the invitation to this year's family party.

Last year, the history of the story was read on Twitter. The actual invitation to his nephew, Brandon Burgoyne, and the funny dialogue that followed: "Thanksgiving dinner with me on November 24th at 15:00 Tell me if you come, I hope you all come and, of course, that too for Amanda and Giustino ". While Jamal clarifies the misunderstanding, he does not hesitate to ask if he can still come to dinner. Mrs Dench's surprising answer: "Yes!"

Now follows the fourth consecutive thanks

This fall, Jamal visits the Dench family for their fourth consecutive thanks. In 2018, the young man published a series of selfies shared on Twitter, which he recorded with Dench over the years. "2016, 2017 … 2018" wrote under the image and a heart-emoji. The tweet is still pinned at the top of its timeline. "Although so unexpected, she was so kind," Jamal told People magazine about Dench's promise to keep inviting him. For him this is a reminder that there are enough good people in the world.

The misunderstanding was the beginning of an unusual friendship: regardless of Thanksgiving the two keep in touch. Already after the first Thanksgiving meeting, Ms. Dench told the Republic of Arizona: "The fact that she maintains the relationship surprised me very positively, we are more of an extended family, but above all we are friends".

swell: "Arizona Republic" / "People Magazine"