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Hertha BSC: Jürgen Klinsmann is back at risk as a coach

It is one of the beautiful stories of this already beautiful story for Jürgen Klinsmann as new Hertha coach who will play his first head coach against colleague Lucien Favre. So obviously, only if Favre still lives the game as a BVB coach. When Klinsmann came to Berlin for the last time as Bundesliga coach ten years ago, Favre trained the Hertha. His team defeated Bayern Klinsmann 2-1 in February 2009, and after this match Favre was leading the table with Hertha BSC. (Read a report on Klinsmann's first day at Hertha)

If Klinsmann wins his debut against Borussia Dortmund on Saturday, it could be that Favre has to go later.

Anyone who had experienced Klinsmann in the spring of 2009 could not have imagined that this man would return to the Bundesliga as a coach. He seemed exhausted after only six months in Monaco, helpless, helpless. A humiliation 1: 5 in Wolfsburg with the famous Grafiti Hackentor and a subsequent humiliation 0: 4 in Barcelona a few days later in the Champions League were too much at that time. The coach had to leave shortly after. And Bayern manager Uli Hoeneß called it even more evil words. Klinsmann, Mr. Sommermärchen 2006, was a failed man three years later. German football was no longer interested in him.

Hoeneß was suspicious as a player

In Munich, he did not find any connection with the stars of the team, the powerful Hoeneß had been suspicious in his time as a Bayern player. Klinsmann and Bayern have always remained strangers, a relationship without warmth, without mutual understanding, a single misunderstanding.

Jürgen Klinsmann (l.) And Uli Hoeneß (r.): It could not last long


Jürgen Klinsmann (l.) And Uli Hoeneß (r.): It could not last long

Klinsmann, the idiosyncratic, the creator of the times of the DFB, worked as a coach of the hesitant, gnawed Monaco league, nothing was left from the dilapidated reformer of the sleeves. The fact that Louis van Gaal was followed by a coach from Säbener Straße, which completely changed the team and whose legacy is still advantageous for FC Bayern, only made the contrast with his predecessor more visible. Van Gaal did what was expected of Klinsmann. At Bayern, Jürgen Klinsmann remained just a footnote in the club's history.

He then retired in the United States, took over with change to success for at least five years, the work of the local national coach, at the 2014 World Cup, crossed the road with Joachim Loew and his team in the group stage. Germany won 1: 0 without shining, even there Klinsmann left small traces. The game is reminiscent of the weather, then in the rainy Recife.

As an unoccupied TV expert

After the separation from the US Association in 2016, coach Klinsmann seemed to have become a private Klinsmann. Who leads his life in distant California and from time to time can be seen on German television to ask questions about his experience. As a portable TV expert on RTL, who also found something about the weaker football of the DFB-Elf to praise his old Spezi Joachim Löw and his work, he seemed to be underutilized.

He recently worked Klinsmann (l.), A television expert in national team games

Maja Hitij / Getty Images

He recently worked Klinsmann (l.), A television expert in national team games

As CEO of VfB Stuttgart, he would have liked it months ago, with his past VfB probably would have adapted perfectly to the profile, but Klinsmann waved his hand. Many saw this as a signal that he no longer wanted to engage in German football. It would not have been confusing, Klinsmann is still boyish as it once was, but it is already in the mid-50s. Not necessarily the age in which you look for new challenges. Especially since it has always given the impression of being someone who can let go. Think of projects rather than long periods.

All the more exciting and surprising is his move to try Hertha. From the supervisory board to the head coach – which alone is an unusual move, it is also a brave move. If he can't keep the Berliners anchored with Windhorst's money on the track, his reputation as a coach here will probably be ruined forever. But if he succeeded, it would be a return that you would not have thought possible. "What I do, I do well," he told the press on Wednesday. Jürgen Klinsmann is back at risk, which is almost reminiscent of his start as national team manager in 2004.

At that time, however, he had two years to build a team, change structure, break resistance. This time, at best, it will last a few months. They do not decide only on Hertha's future. But above all on coach Jürgen Klinsmann.