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"I didn't want anymore"

As a VIVA presenter Milka Loff Fernandes in the early 2000s quickly gained more importance. But as the 39-year-old now reports, she fell into a deep hole after her sudden success.

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After the VIVA case: Milka Loff Fernandes suffered from depression and retired in 2004, suddenly from the public. The moderator reported it in an interview with the magazine "Bunte". When asked Milka in the conversation if he was also suicidal, he says the question and reveals a surprisingly dark chapter in his life.

"I had epileptic seizures and my depression, which has been with me since I was 15, has worsened," he says. According to her, her days were marked by panic attacks and she was often tormented by the feeling that "a lead blanket" lay on her. Not the only problems that bothered the former VIVA presenter. Milka was gaining weight because of her antiepileptic drugs, which only favored her eating disorder.

Fernandes also thought of suicide

One of the most explosive phrases in the interview was yet to follow. Suicidal thoughts made Fernandes desperate: "I understand that people die of depression, I have been quite often up to that point and I didn't want to".

Today Milka is a mother of two and has a happy relationship with Puma's director of strategy, Robert Irschara. Furthermore, it returned to the spotlight: from May 2017 Fernandes moderated the show "Naked Attraction" on RTL2.

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