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Integration by football: the DFB presents a new concept in Berlin | Sports | DW

When on 27 September Fritz Keller was elected president of the new DFB president, he said: "We are a machine to integrate, the last campfire of the company". The fact that football is the number one national sport, not only in Germany, but in many countries around the world, is actually an "integration machine". The campfire is already more complicated.

Exactly two months after taking office, Fritz Keller is in Berlin to present the revised integration concept of the DFB. A subject that is particularly close to his heart. A media event, not somewhere in Berlin, but in Kreuzberg in the clubhouse Türkiyemspor, one of the most famous immigrant clubs in Germany, and in 2007, first prize winner annual integration DFB. The club has not really been very lucky because since then the triplet winner of the Berlin National Cup has stopped going down. In 2011, the bankruptcy had to be recorded and, for Türkiyemspor, it went to the seventh national league. At its best, in the early 90s, Türkiyemspor narrowly missed the second division promotion round. Today, the club has 600 members and is one of the largest women's football departments in Germany.

Nahbar and authentic – Keller in Kreuzberg

Fritz Keller is not by chance at Türkiyemspor and he arrives earlier than expected. It takes time for the club members, the supervisor and the girls team present. Happy children are not only the pride of the club, they also give a good image – after all, this is a media event. But even without the tips of the DFB's communications department, the new president seems to behave well. Cheerful, friendly, open, genuine – Fritz Keller is just a good guy who feels clearly at home in the improvised atmosphere of the Türkiyemspor club house.

The revised DFB integration concept will be distributed, but there will be no podium at this press conference. Annette Widmann-Mauz, Minister Delegate for the Integration of DFB, Cacau, and Mehmet Matur of Türkiyemspor, member of the Presidency for Integration and Diversity of the Berlin Football Federation, are still sitting on stackable chairs near Keller.

In front of them is a very colorful group, because in addition to the representatives of the media guests, of course, the female team is always present and well others. Thus, for example, the former national player Cacau must justify his earlier statement that he was not a victim of racism in Germany. The questioner asks, "I'm calling Philip and I'm a father". At once clear and intelligent, Fritz Keller also commented on racism. Intelligent because it relies on an anecdote told previously. "I'm just quoting, and I'll say right now, to all of you who are racist: hold your face!"

Concept created with the participation of the base

The revised integration concept of the DFB has therefore been clearly refined. While the first version of 2008 was still a mix of statements of intent and a catalog of measures, the current version is a true manifesto around the central concepts of diversity and the migration society. The latter does not even appear in the first version, the term diversity once. The DFB has also innovated in the development of the concept. A commission of experts was responsible for the document in 2008, but the revised version was developed in consultation with the Foundation at five regional conferences held last summer. Representatives of regional associations and associations from the region were invited. Given this, the size of only seven pages can be a little thin. Nevertheless, in terms of integration, the DFB has obviously progressed, but to what extent exactly? Because the stipulations of the DFB must be implemented by the state associations and are in contrast with the very rare umbrella organization at the checkout.

Integration document of DFB Türkiyemspor Berlin (DW / S. Sfregola)

Who can also listen: DFB President Fritz Keller at the Kreuzberg Turkish Football Club

Mehmet Matur, from the Berlin Football Association, does not really want to talk about how the DFB supports its national associations after the press conference. It summarizes in a few words: Theo Zwanziger, president of the DFB until 2012, made integration a major issue It all started with him. His successor, Wolfgang Niersbach, was only interested in the pros. Under Reinhard Grindel, nothing else had happened, but under Fritz Keller, the integration work was going to take a new impetus. It's a man who really cares about it and, above all, who listens to one.

It is also a man for whom even the rain does not spoil the atmosphere, because now, in the open air, on the training ground next to the clubhouse, the media event is heading towards its expected climax: the photo shoot with the women's team. The game surprise being that he's been at the post for exactly two months, you do not take Keller really crooked and you immediately believe that it seems longer. And with the company's latest campfire, it also states: "Football is the story where all people of different skin color, different religion, have fun in football and where diversity is present" . Fritz Keller is probably a really good guy and he is a win for the DFB and his integration efforts.