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Kate Middleton: Queen Elizabeth is in crisis! Do you want to save the monarchy?

In the current crisis, Queen Elizabeth II (left) sits on Kate Middleton (right)
Image: image alliance / Matt Dunham / AP / dpa

In the British Royals everything just goes to the sewer. First concern Prince Harry and the Duchess Meghan with their solo efforts for titles and then bring Prince Andrew shook the monarchy with his scandal interview, He needs Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 93, she really has the strength to overcome everything. The queen has already worked out a rescue plan and relies on her personal number.

Kate Middleton is the darling of Queen Elizabeth II.

Who should help Queen Elizabeth II smooth the waves? Kate Middleton. For the monarch, Prince William's wife is the ideal person to master this crisis with her. A palace insider told Good king News: "Kate is more important than ever for the monarchy, she is popular with people, she has never caused scandal and she is the soothing pole in these uncertain times" . Unlike Meghan.

The Duchess Kate has conquered the heart of the queen by her sense of duty

"Since the British press has beaten so hard against Meghan and especially against Andrew, the queen sees all the good work of Kate, and she particularly appreciates it in times of crisis," adds the insider. Kate Middelton takes on more and more tasks. While her step sister Meghan Markle a six-week break, Kate takes even more real appointments. In the fall, his workload has been further increased. It does not matter to her. Then, in November, she opens the Nook Hospice, like the palace of Kensington. Instagram showed.

The Royals' insider mentions Kate's other strengths: "Since the beginning, the Queen has had good and warm relations with the Duchess, she appreciates Kate, she loves Kate's calm, always friendly and reliable manner and her sense of duty. . " She also won the queen's heart because she is so frugal. "For example, she's paying attention to the fact that in Ammer Hall, the queen's retreat, there's never any useless light that burns – something the monarch likes. "

Kate Middelton, Prince William and Prince Charles: Three Musketeers for the British Royal Family

This makes Kate Middleton an ideal partner for the future King Prince William. Together, they constitute the secret weapon of the queen with her father, Prince Charles. With their proximity to the population, their sweet children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, they conquered the hearts of the British. The queen can finally breathe again, because the British monarchy is in good hands with the three musketeers Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Charles.

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