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Key witnesses in the Ukrainian affair: women gravely burden the Sondland diplomat

Gordon Sondland's testimony before the United States Congress undermines President Donald Trump's line of defense in the Ukraine affair. Ironically, now unpleasant accusations against diplomats are strong. Reject these as politically motivated.

A key witness against US President Donald Trump in the Ukrainian affair is accused by three women of sexual misconduct. The women raised corresponding charges against the top American diplomat Gordon Sondland. Therefore, the former hotel magnate reacted with professional reprisals because the women rejected it. Sondland, who had made highly explosive statements a week ago in front of the cameras in the Ukrainian affair, rejected the accusations as "politically motivated".

Sondland is US Ambassador at the European Union, he was appointed by Trump. The wealthy hotelier received the post of ambassador in Brussels as thanks for a million dollar donation to the President's inauguration ceremony. The accusations now made by the three women refer to earlier times, at the time of Sondland, as a wealthy hotel entrepreneur.

The women stated in an article published by the Propublica website and "Portland Monthly" magazine that Sondland had violently tried to hug her and kiss her. Furthermore, it had touched immoral. All three women were in professional contact with Sondland, the accusations date back to 2003-2008.

Sondland rejected the accusations in the article as politically motivated. "These false accusations of touches and forced kisses are invented," he explained. He believed it was "a coordinated action for political reasons," he told the two media.

Sondland testified a week ago in the case of the Ukraine to operate cameras at the United States Congress. He confirmed that Trump exerted strong pressure on the Ukraine to investigate the former vice president Joe Biden, his potential challenger in the 2020 elections. Sondland's statements have pierced the president's line of defense that no leverage had been used against Kiev to obtain the desired survey.