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"Let & # 39; s Dance": commentary on Eklat by Oliver Pocher – TV

He again …

Oliver Pocher (41) provoked a revolt in the "Let & # s; Dance" tour (again) by indirectly comparing his dance partner Christina Luft (29) with a prostitute.

Pocher falls again and again (negatively) with his impudence. Many wonder: why does it always jump at full throttle?

I've known Oliver Pocher for almost ten years. When it is criticized, it blossoms. This irritates him. My answer to the why-he-he-the-question is therefore clear: Pocher's provocations are completely calculated.

It is polarized as an end in itself. Pocher wants to attract attention to strike.

The Cologne comedian says to the vortex around his person phrases like this: "One knows me so …" Eben. Equivalent to attracting attention with entertainment.

You may like it, but it certainly isn't necessary. Only: Pocher doesn't care who gets angry or angry. It is rather unpopular than boring.

This must therefore also live in his environment people who are victims of his insolence. Whoever gets involved in Pocher lives dangerously.

If you really want to meet him, you don't have to criticize him, just ignore him.

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Photo: Picture / Lars Berg

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Good king News reporter Bernd Peters went to Pocher after the appearance of artificial "fur"Photo: Picture / Lars Berg