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"Let & # s; Dance" -Tour: Oliver Pocher has insulted his dance partner

Both form a successful team: Oliver Pocher and professional dancer Christina Luft successfully participated in the spring broadcast of the twelfth season of "Let & # 39; s Dance". There they finished a good seventh place out of a total of 14 participants.

Also in the Live Tour "Let & # 39; s Dance" the two harmonize successfully from the beginning of the month: a total of 16 times appear candidates of the current season in the great arenas of the Republic. On Tuesday the ensemble performed in Hannover, the birthplace of Oliver Pocher. Of all there, the comedian made a verbal slip of the evil kind.

Oliver Pocher does another joke at the expense of the others

When he tried to be funny on stage, the 41-year-old said of his dance partner: "He doesn't understand German, but few words, what he needs: yes, no, 50 euros". A common saying. Christina Luft was born in Kyrgyzstan in 1990, but moved to Germany at the age of one. He could not laugh at Pocher's "joke" and according to the newspaper "Good king News" he reportedly put him behind the stage.

Viewers also found the comparison with a non-entertaining prostitute and made clear expressions of displeasure. "This statement is not", the leading jurist Joachim Llambi is quoted.

Many Russian dancers on "Let & # 39; s Dance"

Pocher himself tried to talk later. He just wanted to provide humor and fun, and his sayings were usually spontaneous. He wanted to joke that "Let's Dance" speaks more Russian than German. In fact, almost half of all professional RTL show dancers are of Russian origin. This does not mean that they do not speak German. Pocher also had to realize it: "Naturally Christina can also speak German, probably even better than me."

The comedian said that the accident was probably true: "It was certainly not my favorite joke". After all, the intuition seems there.

Source: "Good king"