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Master the cuddles with the dog and die

Pamper yourself extensively with your dog and kiss one or the other – for most pet owners every day. In Bremen so a man died.

In a medically exceptional case, a man from Bremen is after caressing his dog to & # 39; a infection dead. In the 63-year-old patient, the bacterium Capnocytophaga canimorsus was detected, which occurs in the dog's saliva, referring the doctors treating the RKK Red Cross hospital.

The case occurred last year, but only recently became known thanks to the contribution of the journal "European Journal of Case Reports in Internal Medicine". The man then came in August 2018 with signs of a heavy man blood poisoning in the hospital. He died despite the treatment antibiotics About two weeks later, in case of multiple organ failure, write to the doctors. The man had previously been licked by his dog, but not bitten.

Not dangerous dog saliva

The risk of infection in animal bites it's known. The infection can also be done by licking, if the pathogen penetrates small skin defects, reported the RCC. If it is a difficult path, risk factors are mainly played as a weakened one immune system. alcoholism or a Milzentfernung a role, said Martin Langenbeck, chief physician of the emergency department at the RKK. The Bremen patient did not belong to any of these risk groups.

RKK underlines how rare this particular case is. To date, only one other patient with such a severe illness has been known around the world, who has not been bitten or had a weakened immune system.

Therefore, the hospital did not want to establish rules of conduct according to which it would be better not to pamper yourself with its pets or let yourself be licked. "But if you have very strange symptoms and you have one pet, so you should tell the doctor, "a spokesman said.

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