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Mercedes GLB: new compact SUV model from Swabia

The first impression: For a derivation of the Class A it looks like the damn big new Mercedes GLB, and for a rather rude G-Class relative. Therefore, the last new Swabian compact is a fake giant.

The producer says: If one believes the head of sales Mercedes Britta Seeger, then the GLB must almost automatically become a bestseller. "Every third Mercedes-Benz is now an SUV, every four is a compact car, so a compact SUV like the GLB combines all the success factors of our two higher volume segments." The smaller GLA model, which has become a bestseller among the Mercedes compacts in the latest generation, shows that it is entirely correct. But this is probably also a GLB problem: not only will it win customers from competitors, but it will also cannibalize GLA and class B.

We have noticed that: Although trendy, inside it is as variable as a van. The third row of seats can be sunk into the floor of the car and the second one not only adjusts the inclination, but also shifts up to 14 centimeters. Depending on the configuration, the GLB then swallows half a soccer team or even a washing machine without complaining. And even if the adults think well of the road for the third row, the GLB seems much more spacious than the GLC and the seats in the rear of the car are in no way inferior to those in the even bigger GLE.

Not least because the engine in the GLB – unlike the GLC and even larger models – is transverse and not installed longitudinally. C & # 39; s more space for the occupants. Furthermore, all-wheel drive in compact cars takes up less space than the "4Matic" Allrad system for rear-wheel drive platforms.

Smaller but more spacious, more economical in consumption and in addition to around 10,000 euros less: why should you buy a GLC in the future? Because the older brother is a little more comfortable overall. The suspension is more sovereign, the more silky automatic of the GLB dual-clutch transmission. However, if you want to pay more money for substantially less cars, it's up to you.

You must know that: The Mercedes GLB is still this year this year and costs at least 37,747 euros. It is available with the same equipment and the same units as Class A and Co. Among the assistance systems there is also an active assistance in monitoring and controlling the distance.

The range of engines initially includes three diesel and petrol engines. The diesels have every two liters of displacement and develop 116, 150 or 190 hp. The petrol engines range from 1.3 liters with 163 hp on a 2-liter engine with 224 hp to GLB 35, as AMG has developed the 2.0-liter engine at 306 hp. The consumption values ​​are on the one hand significantly lower than those of the full-fledged SUV models, but Mercedes wants the GLB to close the fuel tap completely soon: in just over a year to drive the purely electric EQB model.

We will not forget it. The good feeling that is established behind the wheel. The longer you travel with the GLB, the more likely you are to believe the Mercedes planners, who see the brand's next best seller in the compact SUV. Because the GLB is not only convincing with variability and inner values. But above all, it is so cleverly placed among the worlds that no one in this car should be ashamed: not as suffocating as a van and too sensitive for an SUV.

vehicle registration document

Producer: Mercedes
to type: GLB 220d 4Matic
body: SUV
engine: Four diesel cylinders
transmission: eight-speed dual clutch transmission
to drive: four wheels
shift: 1,950 cc
power: 190 hp (140 kW)
couple: 400 Nm
From 0 to 100: 7.6 s
Full speed.: 217 km / h
Consumption (ECE): 5.3 liters
CO2emissions: 138 g / km
trunk: 570 liters
reconstructed: 1,805 liters
weight: 1,735 kg
size: 4634/1834/1659
Price: 44,601 euros