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Miri: the head of the clan wants to return to Germany – as soon as the money is enough – News in the hinterland

He was deported for the second time in six months. The first time he stood on the carpet 111 days later, despite the current immigration block of seven years in Germany, he asked for asylum.

And now he wants to go back. The chief and criminal of the clan Ibrahim Miri (46) says: If he had enough money, he would immediately start for Germany again!

He told NDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung reporters in a video call that he longed for his girlfriend and pregnant son. Now he says of his expulsion: "I expected that the German authorities would have crossed. But that they attack me as if I were the worst criminal I did not expect."

Miri: the head of the clan wants to return to Germany - as soon as the money goes

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Miri, who had been convicted nineteen times during his criminal career in Germany (among others because of drug trafficking), now stated: "I am not a monster. I am a normal person." his criminal past.

At the same time, he also says that using violence in conflict is good for him – at least as a "last resort": "Come and talk to me first".

There are nothing but excuses:

The German authorities see it differently, Miri clearly counts on organized crime.

The Ebendiese authorities must hear the accusations even unheard of of Miris – because for years before they failed to find any passport documents necessary for Miri's deportation, but in the end they were still issued by the Lebanese authorities.

Miri: "I think these documents were forged. And a lot of money went to the Lebanese authorities."

The Miri case – The chronology of a deportation thriller

1986 Miri arrives in Germany at the age of 13. Your asylum application is rejected. Because his nationality is unknown, he is allowed to stay.

1998 Bremen issues an exit order. Without a valid pass Miri cannot be expelled. It is tolerated.

2014: Miri is sentenced to six years in prison for gang-linked drug trafficking.

July 2019: Lebanon resumes Miri. A special command makes him get out of bed at night and puts him on the plane for Beirut.

October 2019: Miri gets a new passport. He travels illegally in Germany with the help of traffickers, seeks asylum and goes into detention.

November 2019: Miri's asylum application is rejected by the Bremen administrative court. The clan boss can be expelled immediately.