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Morning situation: Germany will pay more in the future in the NATO cash register

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US President Donald Trump has made his way. From 2021, NATO will change its distribution key. In other words, the United States pay less, the Germans more. Both states will therefore contribute 16.35 percent to the Alliance budget. The federal budget will receive € 33 million more. Trump has argued for years that other NATO states would exploit the United States.

The titles to start the day

We have summarized for you what happened during the night and it is still important today:

Von der Leyen wants to fight climate change with a trillion euro

The new European commissioner von der Leyen has estimated the costs of combating climate change during his term at one trillion euros. The money should come from the EU budget, the Member States and the private sector, said von der Leyen in the "Today Journal" of the ZDF. The "European Green Deal" and digitization are the "main topics" of their commission, he continued

Video: explosions in the Texas Chemical Factory

Iraqi protesters set fire to the Iranian consulate

In the holy Iraqi city of Najaf, the protesters set fire to the Iranian consulate. Flames high and thick clouds of smoke rose above the entrance to the building, reports the AFP news agency. Security forces used tear gas against protesters. The protesters accuse Iran of supporting the government in Baghdad.

Trump supports the democratic movement in Hong Kong

US President Trump has signed laws passed by Congress to support the Hong Kong democratic movement. This will remove trade privileges for Hong Kong among others if human rights and the rule of law are suppressed in the Chinese Special Administrative Region. The Beijing government said that if the laws came into effect, the United States should "bear all the consequences".

What is important today

These are the most important topics and dates of the day:

The European Parliament votes on the proclamation of the climate emergency

Today the MEPs in Strasbourg vote on the proclamation of the climatic emergency at the level of the EU. Several political groups supported a resolution by the French liberal Canfin in a debate on Monday. The central requirement is to establish the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 by 55% compared to the 1990 reference year by EU Member States.

A democratic model for the future? – Citizens propose laws in Eupen, Belgium

Next to the professional parliamentarians of Eupen, in Belgium, there are politicians. The permanent council of citizens with extracted members can propose laws to the government.

Discussion in the CDU workshop on a general duty

The leader of the CDU Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer had offered such a service to the general secretary of his party during the conversation, which could be carried out not only in the Bundeswehr, but also in the care or fire departments. In 2011, general conscription was abolished in Germany.

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