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Murder attempt in the maternity ward: nurse sentenced to life imprisonment

He should have taken care of the premature babies and killed her almost as a betrayal, among others a former pediatric nurse was sentenced to life imprisonment for attempted murder. The district court of Marburg pleaded guilty to the thirty-year-old on Thursday, given to three premature girls who did not prescribe sedative and anesthetic medicines and two of them led to a mortal danger – due to urgency. The accused had accepted the death of the two children "for reasons of self-presentation", the presiding judge said.

The defendant took the externally calm verdict. Even then, he showed no clearly visible reaction when the warrants were still issued in the courtroom due to the risk of escape: "You were arrested," the president told the Germans, who had previously been released.

The defendant had worked in the premier department of Marburg University Hospital. According to the court, the proceedings occurred between December 2015 and February 2016. Reason: the defendant, who was otherwise affected by medium or weak performances, wanted to call himself a rescuer.

The judgment is received with relief

The parents of the poisoned children reacted with relief to the verdict. "For this atrocious act, what he did to the children, then someone behind bars," said a mother. While two children survived the drug poisoning, their daughter Leni died – from the court's point of view, however, for another cause. Although she was disappointed that the judges in her case had not been released from the murder, but "infinitely happy" for the life sentence.

The judges considered the first act a dangerous assault attempt, even though little Leni died. There was no correlation between – in this case moderate – drugs and the death of the child can be detected, the judge said. "It was a fateful course."

The defendant sought, according to the court's conviction, a second small victim, then a third. This girl is said to have given the drug several times at 30, in "highly toxic" doses. He had "deliberately played Russian roulette with the child's life," the president said. The accused had hoped that the actions would create a "resuscitation situation" in which he could excel as an excellent nurse. Or in case of failure as a consolation for grieving parents.

The court considers the extravagant conspiracy

The court attested to the narcissistic characteristics of the defendant. Game in the exploits and their desire to recognize. The 30-year-old then comes from a family of academics, her father is a pediatrician, but with her she was "just" enough for a nurse. During her work in the maternity ward, she was also struck by errors.

Philip S. publishes disturbing posts on Facebook before being arrested

The defendant had remained silent during the ten-month trial on allegations that included dangerous physical damage and ill-treatment in wards. The defense demanded the acquittal and noted that more people would arrive as criminals in question. Furthermore, it is possible that the 30-year-old victim of a conspiracy could have become. The court considered him outrageous and stressed that in all the incidents the defendant had been the responsible nurse of the night. There are also many other clues that have burdened them.

The defendants' colleagues had become suspicious in the end. The in-depth accident investigation was "from the first suspicion of the highest priority" in the hospital, the hospital said. "That is why we have always fully supported the police and criminal investigations." If the defense goes to the review, it was initially unclear.