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Number of new HIV diagnoses in Tyrol halved

Subject: Red Ribbon

The latest figures released by SIDA-Hilfe Tirol are optimistic: 21 new HIV diagnoses were diagnosed last year, 25 less than the year before. This is reported by ORF Tirol. With new treatments, HIV has lost much of its horror – but other STDs are on the rise again.

AIDS-Hilfe Tirol warns of premature hopes

However, it would be too early, because of the sharp decline
read a general trend, warns Lydia Domoradzki, the head of the
AIDS helps Tyrol. However, the figures give hope: since 2012,
the number of newly diagnosed HIV infections is no more than 30.

Among the reasons for this, let's mention a
contemporary treatment that reduces the number of IH viruses in the body to the point that
Affected the virus can not pass. Also pre-exposure prophylaxis
(PrEP), which prevents healthy people from becoming infected, contributes to a
Decline of new infections.

In four out of ten cases, HIV is diagnosed too late in Tyrol

Nevertheless, there is still much to be done for AIDS-Hilfe Tirol. Because in 40% of cases, HIV is diagnosed too late, making treatment more difficult. This is particularly relevant for people over 50, as well as heterosexual men and women.

In addition, a late diagnosis leads to the affected person
The virus can be transmitted: every second of the Neuansteckung in Tyrol takes place, because the
An infected person did not know that she was HIV positive. the
AIDS-Hilfe Tirol wants more people to test themselves

AIDS-Hilfe Tirol also wants to establish a broader base

In addition, SIDA-Hilfe Tirol wants more and more
to focus on other sexually transmitted diseases: focus on hepatitis
C, who is recognized in a timely manner and treated now curable. In addition,
You can also contract syphillis, gonorrhea and chlamydia at AIDS-Hilfe Tirol
and for hepatitis A and B. Unlike the HIV test, these are
The tests are not free at the moment.

This is a trend among Aidshilfe Austrians: Because the Aids Aid Vienna (AHW) has announced it will turn into a sexual health center in the months and years to come. "We can no longer look at HIV in isolation, but we want to extend our responsibility to all sexually transmitted diseases: HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and viral hepatitis," said Wolfgang Wilhelm, president of AHW.