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Prince Charles: Crisis interview with Queen and Prince Philip about Andrew

Prince Charles, 71, reportedly went to Windsor on Tuesday, November 26 after his two-week mission, as planned, for an exchange of views with his brother, Prince Andrew, 59, but after Sandringham House. Prince Philip, 98, has retired to the private estate of the Royal Family for most of the year since his retirement in 2017. As reported by "Daily Mirror", Charles plans to spend the rest of the week with his father and take the time to "listen to his advice and think about it" in the case of Andrew.

Prince Charles and Prince Philip discuss Prince Andrew

In addition to 93-year-old Charles, Philip, and Queen Elizabeth, 37-year-old Prince William is scheduled to participate in Andrew's deliberations. Of course, after all, he will one day follow his grandmother and his father to the throne and thus hold the future of the monarchy in his hands. "It's urgent to deal with Andrew and his place in the family," said an informant to the Daily Mirror, adding that within the family, Andrew had the feeling that he was now able to become member. there is no turning back.

Pronunciation between father and daughter?

Gotcha! Here, Beatrice leaves André's estate

Princess Beatrice (on the back) and her fiancé Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (on the right) leave Prince Andrew's request to Windsor on November 25, 2019.

Andrew had announced his resignation from his Royal public duties on November 20, 2019 – "in the foreseeable future". According to the official announcement, Andrew 's idea was to retire. The queen gave him permission. Charles and Prince William are considered in the British press as powerful supporters of this decision. The court's rapporteur, Emily Andrews, however, gives Charles a much more active role. In an article for "The Sun," she writes: "Unless it was Prince Charles, who actually pulled the trigger after the Epstein scandal to fend off Andrew's wayward brother, he certainly loaded the weapon."

Ensuring the future of Windsor House on the British throne is the supreme maxim of the Queen. No individual is more important than the institution, they say in the UK. But Queen Elizabeth and her family need the approval of the people and politicians – and it is precisely here that Prince Epstein becomes an image problem of incalculable magnitude. To remedy this, Charles could take a decisive step.

Prince Andrew

He talks about sexual claims

For the first time, Prince Andrew publicly comments on the allegations of having sex with a minor in an interview with BBC-News.

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Is the royal house becoming smaller?

Prince Charles will play with the idea of ​​repositioning the British royal family after the death of his mother, say royal connoisseurs. The scandal of Prince Andrew could give impetus to this thought. Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine and biographer of the Queen, said in the Channel 5 documentary "Royal Family at War" aired in April 2019 that Charles wanted to "bring the public to the heart of the royal family." In his opinion, this means that there is no room left for Prince Andrew and his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, among others. "I think Prince Charles feels that there are too many (royals)," Seward adds. "There are too many beneficiaries, if you will.

A survey conducted on November 24, 2019 with 2,038 Britons on behalf of the Sunday Express newspaper revealed that Charles could hit the pulse of the population: 54% of respondents believe that the time has come to create a "stripped royal family" .

In the near future, Charles, William and the Queen, as the Daily Mirror writes, "decides the ultimate fate of Andrew".

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