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Prince William and Kate Middleton are burglarized: star Camila Cabello confesses her act

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The American singer Camila Cabello earns herself a lot of money. So why is she stealing the royal family? She explains on the radio.

  • American singer Camila Cabello stole the royal family during a visit to Kensington Palace.
  • That's what she confessed to British public service broadcasting.
  • The royal house responds quickly to confession – and is celebrated in social media.

London – Apparently, someone's collapsed under the weight of his guilty conscience: the American singer Camila Cabello ("Havana") has theflight a pencil in London Kensington Palace confessed. "I'm sorry, William, I'm sorry, Kate," excused the 22-year-old young man interview with the moderator of "BBC Radio 1" Greg James Tuesday.

Camila Cabello: "Dare" – A music star steals Prince William and Kate Middleton

The royal family responded humor, Under the tweet of the BBC with the video, the palace has posted Eye Emoji – probably to show that they knew exactly where the flight was. The replica of the royal family arrives rather well on the net.

But how did this happen? Cabello and presenter Greg James were End of October for a tribute to the winners of the "Teen Hero Awards" at Kensington Palace. Both were about to Prince William and Duchess Kate (Both 37) When James persuaded the musician to do the act: "And I told you:" Steal something! Steal this pin! "He reported. Cabello asked if it was one of a kind boldness was. Since she had felt challenged.

Flight to Prince William and Kate Middleton at Kensington Palace

"That's what I did," Cabello said, that of the Canadian pop singer Shawn Mendes is engaged. James immediately reported the robbery to an employee of the palace. She then has the pen in the wallet of his mother plugged.

Not amused? Prince William and Duchess Kate.

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She did not agree and wanted to return it. "I said: it will not work.It is a test of courage.I have to take the pencil," said the musician. their booty I still have them. A somewhat forgiven "faux pas" when you look at what celebrities have already passed such a "test of courage". For Camila Cabello, however, this is not the first faux pas of this month. Recently, she suffered a serious Glitch photo on Instagram,

Camila Cabello: These celebrities have already stolen the royal family

It is not uncommon for small "souvenirs" to be stolen from palaces. actress Olivia Colman, Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix series "The crown" For example, her husband betrayed a Klorolle from Buckingham Palace in London. Spice girl Emma Bunton even stole a Sign for women's toilets,

The royal house is likely to face the loss of this pencil. Only recently have we learned that Heir to the royal family to go: a British entrepreneur wants Queen Elizabeth II about 58 million euros bequeathed – but he has in his will exact ideas of what the Royals do with the assets.

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