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Problems with system files? This test program helps

Once it is eliminated too much and suddenly Windows doesn't work as it should. Those who experience such problems can repair the system with a simple trick.

Once computer users have grasped the zeal of deletion, sometimes it is no longer possible to stop them. Instead of just old documents, photos and videos or temporary files, sometimes important system files can be subjected to problems that the user has not identified as such.

If Windows 10 is called after an action of elimination, a crash or some features are not available, you can try repairing the operating system with the integrated scan engine.

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This program searches for system files and automatically replaces defective or missing system files. To start the program, proceed as follows:

  1. Start the command prompt with elevated privileges. Just type in the Windows search box "cmd"(without the quotes), then right-click on the result and select"Run as administrator".
  2. Touch "sfc / scannow"(Note spaces) and press Enter Wait for the process to complete.

At best, Windows restores the missing files themselves. You may need to manually restore the files. You can do this using a USB flash drive with Windows 10 image Windows Repair. You can create such a USB key yourself. How it works, we show you in our presentation (above).

After creating the USB stick, restart the computer and boot from the USB stick. Usually, F8 or F12 will show the start menu. If the problem persists, try the following keys: Esc, Del, F2, F9, F10, F11. It could already be in the startup window which keys you need to press. If you land in the bios or in the UEFI, leave it by pressing the arrow keys in the tab "Exit"(the cyclist's name may vary depending on the system).

If you booted from the USB flash drive, follow the on-screen instructions and select "Reset the computer"If you"Install now"Windows will be reinstalled. Next, select"troubleshooting"Then"Advanced options"and then"start Help"Choose here"Windows 10".