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Queen Elizabeth II: Is she too old to lead the royal family?

Queen Elizabeth II (93) plans to retire in about a year and a half. The monarch could imagine retiring around his 95th birthday, according to the British Express, citing insiders. Prince Charles (71) would then assume his royal duties. "His Majesty is aware of his age and wants to make sure that the Crown's transition will be smooth in a timely manner," said a former senior official of the Royal Court. According to Katie Nicholl, author of "Harry – A Life Between Love and Loss" (HarperCollins), the Queen still has everything under control.

There was a lot of noise in the royal house this year. The Queen of grandsons, Prince Harry, 35, and his wife Meghan, 38, publicly opposed the tabloid press and told them in a TV interview how much considerable pressure. And then, the scandal of Prince Andrew (59) and his close relationship with the convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein (1953-19), worsened. Andrew, who is considered the queen's favorite son, had resigned from his royal duties after attempting to defend himself against allegations during an interview with the BBC. His appearance became a public relations disaster.

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Is the queen too old to run the cabinet?

"I think that the Queen has shown herself capable and determined in all of this and has shown a very effective leadership," says expert royal Nicholl in an interview with a spot on the US. ; news. The Queen's mantra has always been "never complain, never explain," but behind the walls of the palace, she acted and made her own feelings oblige to preserve the integrity of the family.

However, according to British media reports, Prince Charles (37), his prince and son, played an important role in the decision to separate Andrew from his post. Andrew's resignation from his royal duties is unprecedented, "it's a milestone for the royal family," says Nicholl. This means more work for the other high-ranking family members, as some of Duke's charities are divided between them. "

How serious is the crisis of the royal family?

The author thinks that Prince Andrew will never be in public again: "Andrew will turn 60 next year and it looks like an early retirement, which I see in the light of the ongoing investigation and the great interest of the press for this article.It can no longer work again because the Epstein scandal will cover everything, "said the expert.

The crisis in which the Royals are warned by the scandal of Prince Andrew, believes it badly, "because it shows a serious lack of judgment of a family member of high rank". Andrew had come out of the interview in the most negative way, "and that had a very serious impact on the royal family." He had eclipsed Charles' very important trip to New Zealand and hit the Royals on the verge of voting, a moment they should publicly remember.

Nicholl added that the scandal had "opened the Pandora's box and raised all sorts of questions about the future of the monarchy and the need to really need it," he added.