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Sasha says Tour: these are the new dates for 2020 – people

For Sasha fans Christmas is probably over …

Just a little over a week on Sasha's next tour – actually. Wednesday night all the singer's fans arrived, but then the scary news.

On his Instagram account, the 47-year-old surprisingly said he has to cancel his tour. Sasha apologizes to his fans through a video message: "I can't be the Sasha you expect and I would like to be on stage".

Not only are the fans disappointed ("The day could not have ended worse", writes one follower, for example), and the same Sasha "really didn't see the time for this concert".

But in the end it wouldn't have happened.

The reason for the cancellation of the tour: for the musician it was "too much". From morning to evening, the family is suffering. Above all, his one-year-old son Otto would hardly have ever faced.

Obviously, this is understandable only for the approach of Christmas, however: anyone who has been waiting impatiently for the live performance of the winner of the multiple eco prize, for the moment will be empty.

Fortunately, it does not apply to tickets, because they continue to be valid, as Sasha promises.

These are the new dates for Sasha & # 39; s Tour 2020

Because completely deleted is the live tour for the youngest "keychild" album not, but it will be postponed until next year. Sasha also announced the new dates on Instagram.

Here are the new concert dates:

02.04.2020 – Hamburg, Barclaycard Arena

► 03.04.2020 – Soest, Stadthalle Soest

► 04.04.2020 – Offenbach, Capitol

► 06.04.2020 – Berlin, Admiralspalast

► 07.04.2020 – Düsseldorf, steelworks

► 08.04.2020 – Monaco, Muffathalle