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Scandal interview: Sarah Ferguson guessed Prince Andrew!

A dark hour for the British monarchy: rumors that Prince Andrew (59) was in contact with Jeffrey Epstein (66 years old), convicted of multiple sexual offenses, were revived by a disastrous television interview of the Royals. As a result, his mother, Queen Elizabeth II (93), released him after a discussion on the crisis of all public functions. Now out: His ex-wife Sarah Ferguson (60) has Prince Andrew even disadvised the interview.

Like that everyday According to the courier, Princess Beatrice (31) and Fergie tried to dissuade the prince from the conversation. He would have ignored this advice and would have preferred to listen to his private secretary, Amanda Thirsk. It was firmly convinced that a clarifying conversation could clean the name of the Royals and all the links with Jeffrey Epstein would prove to be unfounded.

how BBC reported, will now turn on the FBI and Prince Andrews Connecting to Jeffrey Epstein Check. The broadcaster also plans to air an interview of an alleged victim. A woman claims to have been taken to the United Kingdom by the last convicted sex offender in 2001, where she was involved in sexual acts. Prince Andrew been forced.

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Prince Andrew, Duke of York
Prince Andrew in Edinburgh, July 2019Getty Images

Prince Andrew in Edinburgh, July 2019
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Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor, 2017

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