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Seven tips for restaurateurs: how to relax during the Christmas holidays

Seven tips for restaurateurs: how to relax during the Christmas holidays 2
Good organization is also important for service personnel. (Image: Pixabay)

Because of the contemplative time: The restorers often demand a lot of weeks at the end of the year. Christian Bauer, CEO of Resmio, responsible for digital management solutions in the sector, gives seven tips on how catering professionals can relax during the holidays:

For restaurateurs, the Christmas season requires a lot of work. Christmas promotions need to be planned, advertised and offered – a balance in a stressful restaurant everyday life. But the stress is worth it, because at this time of the year, customers like to dig deeper their portfolios. Christian Bauer, Executive Director of Resmio, knows what restorers need to do to prevent Christmas work from becoming stress.

1. Get the guests on social media and the website for the Christmas season

It is important for guests to know how the restaurant was opened during the holidays, as many restaurants are fully booked for the Christmas holidays. That's why it makes sense

Seven tips for restaurateurs: how to relax during the Christmas holidays 3
Christian Bauer is CEO of Resmio and an expert in digitization in the restaurant sector. The multiple founder started his career as an expert in hospitality. With 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, he has created an international management solution for restaurant owners who wish to promote in-house digitization. Aged 37, is also active in the consulting and management of companies.

indicate when reservations can still be accepted. Social media serve the guests not only as an information channel. At Christmas, customers like to plan ahead and inform online about where to eat with their loved ones. Whether it's Instagram or Facebook, the channel should also capture the Christmas atmosphere through a regular presence on social networks. Delicious Christmas menus, videos or team photos allow guests to adapt to contemplative time.

  1. Planning of goods before the holidays

In December, many restaurants offer Christmas specialties in addition to the usual dishes. Hoteliers must therefore think about buying the products early enough. What products are needed outside the usual order list? How much will it cost? If you take into account higher payments for the goods, you have the advantage. Because at Christmas, traders usually increase their prices for seasonal products. In addition, heating and electricity costs are generated due to the cold season and the Christmas decoration. Even Christmas help and regular staff should receive a motivation bonus.

  1. Christmas drinks and special menus

As the days get shorter and cooler, customers eagerly await something that will warm their hands and awaken their Christmas spirit. In addition to unusual creations, customers are looking for security and familiarity. The endurance runners are punch, mulled wine, liquor and hot orange juice. The important thing is to stand out from the rest. All you have to do is vary some ideas and advertise particularly memorable with known products.

Christmas menus spice up each menu, but also delight guests. Whether it's roasts, red cabbage or delicacies, culinary dishes from around the world, a delicious variety of dishes has no limit. Since many business lunches take place in November and December, visitors must be taken into account. Are vegetarians or vegans present? Does anyone have any allergies? With a little info on the winter special card, all these questions are answered. In addition, the menus should harmonize with a special dessert. Especially at Christmas, guests are delighted with sweet desserts. Handmade hot products, such as cinnamon strudel and vanilla ice cream, are not only fashionable, they evoke memories that connect people to Christmas through their distinctive scents. Typical scents include cinnamon, speculas, mulled wine, orange and of course baked apple. With these foods and drinks on the map, the business can only succeed.

  1. Booking system for a quiet night

A reservation system not only saves time-consuming calls, but also allows customers to check online whether there is still a table available at the desired time. This is particularly convenient for guests as they can make comfortable bookings without waiting for minutes. It is important that the restaurant is not overbooked, which not only spoils the mood of the staff, but also scares future visitors.

  1. The Christmas helpers of the restaurant

A company is only as good as its employees. While Christmas is one of the most stressful times of the year, employees need time to spend time with loved ones. It is helpful to have a team meeting beforehand where employees have the opportunity to describe their needs. Listening to them and responding as much as possible is an important ingredient for good cooperation. Even small touches can work wonders. Particularly in these stressful times, disease-related failures must be taken into account, as winter also means cold weather.

  1. Elves extra for the operation

In order for the hustle and bustle not completely unprepared for the inexperienced help of Christmas, it is important that these are properly integrated. This is why restaurant owners should start looking for help early. It is helpful to mix the new worker's hours with an experienced employee. In this way, he or she is immediately introduced to the team and trained accordingly. Good service is the alpha and omega for many clients, that 's why their stress – related rudeness is severely punished. This does not only mean tips, but also bad reviews and comments on social networks. In return, a special kindness but also rewarded.

  1. Plan in advance for the new year

Once the Christmas and New Year holidays are over, the winter crisis of gastronomy begins with the new year. In order to save time and make money, Christmas marketing can be linked to that of the coming year. With coupons, valid from January, for example, a quick meeting with customers can be guaranteed. In addition, they will be delighted with the price reduction, because many must be spared by the stock market because of the luxurious Christmas gifts.

Source: Resmio

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