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Study choice: are there other sustainability study programs thanks to "Fridays for Future"? – Future

Greater environmental awareness is also reflected in the activities of their fellow students, Sabrina says. Together with a friend she organized a change of clothes for the students at the beginning of June. Many of the RWTHs participated in demos of "Friday's For Future" or were involved in projects similar to theirs, Sabrina says.

But: as you know, trends come and go. Is it perhaps just a "clamor" about sustainable curricula, which has disappeared in a few semesters – depending on how long Greta Thunberg and Luisa Neubauer persevere? The specialist rapporteur for the University of Aachen cannot but speculate, he says. However, he believes that the tendency to create courses of study relevant to sustainability will last longer. Floods, droughts and agricultural problems would not have occurred in a few years, he says.

Further south of Germany, the University of Hohenheim offers three degree programs and eleven master's degrees at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, where students use renewable raw materials. Conservation of resources or further development of agricultural systems.

Janina was fascinated by agriculture after a nine-month internship at a Demeter farm. There he showed the school classes how a cow lives, how milk and meat are produced and how to light a fire. Four years later, in October 2019, the 22-year-old from Hohenheim began studying agricultural sciences: "In agriculture, there is still a lot of potential for changes to greater sustainability – for example, to produce and process at regional level – without long transport routes ".

Janina has been studying social work for the past three years. He wants to combine the two subjects and combine education with agriculture. "I thought of making many more people aware of what it takes to make a pound of meat." He believes that many in his degree course have similar motivations
for the study – and change something towards greater sustainability
to desire.