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Telegram CEO to testify in court

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It becomes serious

Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, is expected to testify in New York in early January 2020. This comes out in several media reports and a court order. The reason is the SEC's intervention.

She stopped the "Telegram open network" and Gram Token problem at the last minute. Telegram, by contrast, wants to defend itself legally and ensure that the publication is only offset.

If you do not succeed, then it can threaten
Completely out of cryptocurrency even before his birth.

Durov not alone

But the CEO should not just appear in court to answer questions. Even Telegram employees have been invited to do so. Including Shyam Parekh. However, Parekh has already been convened on December 10, 2019.

The same goes for Vice President Ilia Perekopsky. However, Perekopsky must testify on 16 December. The circumstances are remarkable, as the SEC issued a preliminary injunction against the launch of TON and the Gram issue a few days before the launch.

Telegram claims that unsuccessful attempts were made to contact the supervisory authority of the stock exchange regarding the legal framework. The SEC had about a year and a half to comment or intervene.

Loan cooperation

Even if you want to defend against the destructive attitude of the SEC, you are always willing to cooperate with the authorities. This shows the action against ISIS, which is leased by Europol.

According to its own statements, the company has 2096 accounts and
Bots, which are attributed to the IS closed and we continue to work on it
Stop the terrorists on the platform. The telegram messenger allows him
Destroy messages after a specified time.

In addition, the communication is fully encrypted. therefore
also put minorities and opposition politically oppressed on the
Messenger service. Critics call for caution because if you look at the communication structure
of the SI can attack, so in the future, groups and people could
to be concerned who are not terrorists.