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That's why the new album will be released later

INDEPENDENTLY, we're enjoying the new album "You're Welcome" from A Day To Remember for almost two weeks now. EFFECTIVELY.

Because unlike previous reports, the disc did not appear on November 15, but was postponed initially for an indefinite period early next year.

A Day To Remember guitarist comments on the release of the new album

We were then told that the process around the album was taking longer than originally planned. Guitarist Kevin Skaff is also late.

In an interview with WSOU, the musician stated that he had not yet been able to design suitable works and that some songs had not yet been mixed (via blabbermouth).

"It was rejected because the art for the record is not over yet We still can not find a good cover for the recording I know it does not matter anymore today whether it's streaming or anything else, but it just gets perfect before it's released, and there are still some songs in the mix that we just need to find the right mixer for. has just been pushed back – what? – two (or) two and a half months, so it's not so bad.This is not like a Kanye thing (West) where it will not come out never. "

With "Degenerates" and "resentment", A Day To Remember gave us at least two singles. What Kevin Skaff always has to say to "You're welcome", you can listen through the built-in player below.

"You're Welcome" marks the group's seventh studio album around singer Jeremy McKinnon. More recently, in 2016, the album "Bad Vibrations" is out.

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Contribution photo commissioned by Karoline Schaefer (Cat Eye Photography)