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The KitKat Club in Berlin threatens closure next year

Saturday, the famous "Carneball Bizarre" is rising in the Kitkat Club of Berlin. A party for fetish friends. The dress code is rigorous: "Fetishism, Vinyl and leather, Uniforms, Kinky, Glitter & Glamor, Costumes, Sacks and ashes, Elegant evening dresses, Fancy Anything", reads the club website. But dancing naked in the nightclub, without anyone worrying – it may soon be over.

The KitKat Club is about to come out. As reported by the "Berliner Zeitung", the owner has terminated the lease. In addition, the SageClub, which is located in the same building, received a notice letter. That said, the director of the Club Commission, an association of 250 Berlin club operators and organizers, Lukas Drevenstedt. Based on this, it will end in less than six months, in the summer of 2020.

There is still hope for the KitKat Club

The KitKat Club is famous for its revealing fetish parties. There are regular parties here where sex on the dance floor is not offensive to clubbers. The door policy is strict. If you do not respect the indicated dress code, you will be refused. Basically, the better the better. The KitKat is one of the few clubs where gym bags are issued in the wardrobe. Guests can dress and then put away their clothes.

However, there is still little hope for fetish friends. The reason for terminating the lease is apparently real estate speculation. It is unclear whether the area of ​​the Heinrich Heine Street subway station in Berlin Mitte will be demolished, however it is not clear. Despite the resolution, it is possible that they will still meet, said Drevenstedt.

The KitKat is a Berlin institution. In 1994 the first events took place. They were inspired by beach parties in the dawn of Goa at the end of the 80s. The club has moved several times until it was opened in 2007 in its current location. Meanwhile, the revealing parts are known throughout the world.

Network resistance

Social media is already resisting closure. "The good kitten should actually already be a listed building", writes a user on Facebook. Another writes on Twitter: "The Philistines have won".