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The turmoil of cryptography intensifies Community CNBC criticizes the hosting of Roger Ver

The turmoil of cryptography intensifies Community CNBC criticizes the hosting of Roger Ver 2

It seems that the crypto community is very angry. A collapse of 50% of the total market capitalization of the cryptographic market in the second half could be the cause, but a recent interview of Roger Ver by CNBC.

Bitcoin shilling in the general public

The interview in question was titled "Bitcoin money can be a thousand times more hearty than today: bitcoin jesus", which is usually not something that CNBC would publish. Ver starts with BTC and BCH that have more than doubled this year.

"The really interesting thing is Bitcoin Cash, I think it has the capacity to go a thousand times higher than it currently does, because it strives to be a peer-to-peer electronic payment source for the world. "

Ver then quotes Warren Buffets, "be greedy when others are afraid." The facilitator also asked if there was a greater distinction of use between the two competing digital assets.

"Smart Money is going to Bitcoin Cash because it has the economic features that make Bitcoin a popular product.What everyone calls today Bitcoin, it's just Bitcoin on their behalf." Technology and Technology 39; user experience that made Bitcoin popular today are now called Bitcoin Cash.

Crypto Community Response

The cryptographic community did not want to accept that.

"Hey @JoeSquawk, what about this CNBC news coverage?" Roger says factually incorrect information on adaptation and identity. "

"Was CNBC funded from a 200 million euro development fund for this propaganda?"

It is unusual for CNBC to promote an Altcoin bearing such a title, but Ver is a leading figure in the industry, no matter what people think of it. Instead of arguing over which channel chain is the best, the energy should be focused on the "real enemies", the banks and the governments that currently control the world currency.

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