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This state has the best sex – in the south better than in the north?

Are you really satisfied with your sex life? This question was pursued by a dating site along with a market research company. This is how the Germans appreciate their love skills.

Balanced sex life is good for general well-being, that's for sure. But who can really say that all is well in terms of eroticism? The appointment portal, in collaboration with the GfK market research institute, asked 2,000 women and men between 18 and 74 how satisfied they are with their sex life – qualitatively and quantitatively. Above all, two states were very dissatisfied.

These federal states evaluate their sex better

Respondents in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern evaluate their sex better than their neighbors in Hamburg and Lower Saxony. They are much happier and give their sex life an average of 2.2. This is the number one in the German Thuringian confrontation with 2.5, followed by Bayern with a 2.7. The rear lights consist of Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Bremen. In these states, women and men achieved on average only 3.1.

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The best sex in the mid 30s?

The best sex, the Germans apparently have between 30 and 39 years – average score 2.6. And every second (49 percent) in this age group also says: "I have a good or very good sexual relationship".

But not just that The age seems to be crucial for sexual satisfaction: even net income has a clear effect: women and men, who earn less than 1,000 euros a month, can only tell 26% that they have a good or very good sexual relationship. From a net income of 2,500 euros, it is a whopping 44 percent.

The national average vote is 2.9 according to the published survey. 38 percent of Germans are so satisfied with their sexual quality that they are distributing grade 1 or 2. Twelve percent, however, gives a 5 or a 6In general, women value their sex life better (2.7) than in men (2.9). While 15 percent of men distribute "poor" or even "inadequate", only 11 percent of women do so.