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"Too gay": Hungary will not participate in the song competition in 2020

Thomas Ramstorfer / ORF

Hungary will not be in the Eurovision Song Contest this year
participate. The Hungarian public television channel MTVA has announced this decision.
Unofficial Reason for Retirement: The Competition is for TV Manufacturers
President Orbans Grace to Gay.

In state broadcasting, one would rather prefer Hungarian pop music

Officially, MTVA caught the British daily The Guardian, do not take the song
Competitions, so that they "the valuable productions of the talents of the
Hungarian pop music was created, could provide direct support "- which is true
Almost no one believes.

"I was not surprised, it comes from the organizational culture
of MTVA, "said a source guardian,
She added that we are positive in the Hungarian public media
Report on the rights of LGBT people, with the exception of the annual report
Report on the pride of Budapest, wants to delete.

Songcontest as "gay armada" with "transvestites and bearded women screaming"

In addition, a private broadcaster linked to the government has the song
The contest is called "the homosexual armada" which is mental health
Would endanger Hungary.

"Many young people think it's something for people
but under 18 is at this event finds the destruction of the
the public's tastes take place when transvestites and bearded women cried out
Participate, "said the loyal government reporter András Bencsik of
Private channel loyal to the government, Echo TV.

Government spokesman denies media reports

Also the Hungarian news page reports on the sources of the
State Radio, which confirms: The reason Hungary participated in the song
The contest has been canceled, it is that the contest is "too gay". Hungary, that
participated for the first time in the 1993 Song Contest
The past has often given up participation, mainly
financial reasons.

Meanwhile, Zoltán Kovács, spokesman for
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, reporting as "liberal media gossip"
mentionned. "Nobody in the Hungarian government has ever said this song
The contest is too gay, "he said in a Twitter response to the Liberal
Member of the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt.

This year celebrates the community in Rotterdam

For example, the contest of songs too gay
Conservatives often call Conchita Wurst at the contest
2014 won. Conchita's participation at that time was the patron of
The Turkish broadcasting company TRT decided not to enter the competition.

After the victory of bisexual singer Duncan opened
Lawrence will host the Song Contest in Rotterdam from May 12 to 16, 2020.
The motto of the contest is "Open Up", the official logo shows one
rosette flag.