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Unterhaching: Felix Schröter talks about Leroy Sané – Football

Alongside 23-year-old Leroy Sané, Felix Schröter (23) scored Schalke's 2015 A-Juniors for the German Championship. In Good king News reveals the new clippers of Hachings, why he doubted at the time of the breakthrough of the currently injured German international and the star of Manchester City, FC Bayern wants to engage. And what goals he has himself in this third league season.

Good king News: Mr. Schröter, the beginning of Hachings season has begun. Recently, however, points have been lost several times. What is it addicted to?

Schröter: "In the last few games, we have been trying to reduce the gap at the bottom of the distance, with the exception of the match in Magdeburg, but unfortunately we have not been so efficient at the same time. But we still have a very good score.First, we will now act offensive again.Since I guess we then collect more points, preferably in the derby. "

<img class = "zoom in on photo" src = "https://bilder.Good king News/fotos-skaliert/city-star-leroy-sane-sollte-schon-simer-sommer-zu-den-bayern-kommen- but then he shot a kreuzba-201154444-66352878 / 1, w = 1280, c = 0. picture.jpg "width =" 1280 "alt =" The star of the city Leroy Sané was supposed to be also in summer came to Bayern, but he pulled himself a tear from the cruciate ligaments "data-zoom-title =" Leroy Sané, the star of the city, is expected to come to the Bavarians this summer, but he's sure is pulled a tear of the cruciate ligaments

Photo: Uwe Anspach / dpa

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The star of the city, Leroy Sané, should go to Bayern this summer, but he found himself in front of a torn ACL.Photo: Uwe Anspach / dpa

Good king News: For you it's sunday from 14h against the lion, the first derby …

Schröter: "Mega Geil! Derby against 1860 in the complete sports park. That's the only way Since we want to catch up with the past, get mediocre home results and ensure good mood. "

Good king News: Is the climb still there?

Schröter: "If it works at the back, it would be great, but we do not want to stiffen too much."

Good king News: In youth, you have always played at the highest level. Does it look like a step back, just to fight the promotion to the 2nd league?

Schröter: "No way!" After my stop at Illertissen, moving from Regionalliga to a third division is a huge step forward, but from Schalke to Illertissen, I was already looking back. have benefited. "

Good king News: Only the course goes up the career of your former teammate Leroy Sané. Would you have thought it would happen so fast?

Schröter: "Before, it was very clear that he was a very special player.Since I was already expecting it, he is making the breakthrough." But I did not expect him to Shoot through the ceiling in such a short time, he has developed in all respects, and if you train with a coach like Pep Guardiola, it's almost automatic. "

Good king News: Why doubts?

Schröter: "In the past, he may not always have the concentration and was a little distracted at the time of Schalke." Under Guardiola, he developed the urge to want to get better and better. pass, moving to the goal – now everything is much more useful with him. "

Good king News: Why did not your career continue as strongly as Sanes?

Schröter: "There is always a bit of luck in football, I've played with a lot of people, Félix Platte, Thilo Kehrer, Leroy Sané and a few others, and it started with the loan in Heidenheim at the beginning. Maybe I just was not there from the head, the expectations were very big, Von Heidenheim, but mostly myself, I think that's why it's not did not work that way at the time, but even such a situation will drag you down, especially as a young player. "

Good king News: It was better when you played at Hoffenheim with Julian Nagelsmann. What did you learn from him?

Schröter: "He taught us to counter by pressing after losing the ball.I still enjoy it today.I do not think if I lose the ball, but let's get back right now."

Good king News: How many goals should the 2019/20 still bring you?

Schröter: "I started meeting myself at double digits before the season – it's still my goal."