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Boeing: the new 777X explodes under the stress test – economy

The aircraft manufacturer Boeing is in crisis: since March, after two incidents, a global ban on the 737 MAX, now c & # 39; s also a problem with the new 777X – and this is obviously more serious than previously thought!

The AFP news agency learned from informed sources that the cabin broke out during a ground stress test. The Seattle Times also reported.

Until now it was known only that a door had been opened during the September trial. Now it is clear: that was only the result of much more serious damage. According to reports, the fuselage opened from below, so the door flew over it.

The "Seattle Times" published a photo of the long-haul aircraft broken:

"There was a structure around the emergency exit, which flew away even during the tests," said a person familiar with AFP news agency operations. "That means that it was a structural failure."

The American FAA, whose inspectors were present at the test, started the investigation. However, it is not clear how the problem affects the certification of the Boeing 777X.

According to the "Seattle Times", the prototype of the "Ultimate Load Test" broke out just before the maximum load, so probably only one percent was missing to meet state requirements: the machine must withstand 1.5 times the limit load, therefore the maximum allowable load on a flight. For this, the wings were forced upwards, the test aircraft lowered itself at the bow and stern at the same time.

As the attempt failed just before the specifications, Boeing probably would not have repeated the test, said an FAA security expert. Probably enough if the company proves to have remedied the vulnerabilities.

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However, the delivery of the new long-haul aircraft could be further delayed. While the first machines of the type should actually be delivered in the coming year, this was returned by Boeing in October 2021 in October. According to informed sources, to which the AFP news agency refers, this could now move to mid-2021.

Boeing has already booked orders for almost 340,777 X, including from the airlines Lufthansa, Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways.