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Donald Trump surprisingly visits US troops in Afghanistan during Thanksgiving

On US Thanksgiving, President Donald Trump arrived in Afghanistan for an unannounced visit by troops. In addition to the soldiers, Trump met at the Bagram air base and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

"There's no other place you'd rather spend the holidays," Trump said on a military base north of Kabul during a talk broadcast by Fox News. It was Trump's first trip to the country since he took office.

It was officially announced that Trump would spend Thanksgiving in Florida, where he wanted to talk to the military at a telephone conference, Trump attended a Thanksgiving dinner with the military and also delivered food and sweets to the soldiers themselves.

Trump: peace talks with the Taliban resumed

In a speech to the troops, Trump said his government resumed peace talks with the Taliban. "The Taliban want an agreement," the president of the United States told reporters. The United States had insisted in previous talks that there was a ceasefire after the withdrawal of US troops. However, the Taliban rejected him, said Trump. "Now they want a truce," he added.

Trump had declared peace talks with the Taliban, which began about a year ago, "dead" after a series of attacks on the radical Islamic militia in September. The talks focused on the conditions for a partial withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. In return, the Taliban should give up the al Qaeda terrorist network, fight the jihadist militia of the Islamic State (IS) and start direct negotiations with the Kabul government. By the end of September, the Taliban had agreed to sit down again with the United States.

Eleven months ago, President Trump had made his first military visit to fight foreign troops in Iraq. He traveled with his wife Melania at Christmas to the soldiers stationed there. Last week, US Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Iraq for a visit without warning.