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Melissa Benoist: shocking words about "domestic violence"

American star Melissa Benoist has had to suffer domestic violence. He spoke about it publicly for the first time in a long video on Instagram. The author, whose name he does not name, therefore met shortly after the end of another report. The emotional manipulation of the man began when he became jealous when he spoke with other men. He even asked her to change.

Melissa Benoist: jealousy led to brutal violence

A particularly red cloth had been romantic acting scenes for this ex-boyfriend. "Work in general has been a delicate subject", explains the actress in the video. "He didn't want me to kiss anyone or flirt with men, which was very difficult for me to avoid, so I refused auditions, job openings, test shots and friendships because I didn't want to hurt him."

His compulsion to control eventually resulted in brutal violence. "I learned what it feels like to be held and beaten several times," he recalls. It was "pulled on the pavement by the hair" and "hit on the head". It hurt her skin, hitting her so much "against the wall that the drywall broke" and "choked" her. According to his own declaration, this martyrdom took five months to complete.

So she got free

After breaking her nose with a smartphone and she also suffered permanent visual damage in this explosion, she finally managed to get help and separate herself from the culprit. In the beginning he lied to the police and hospital staff, he admits. In the end, he told a friend the truth. "The more I trusted others, the more I was supported," says Melissa Benoist.

Happily married again

She was married to her colleague "Glee" Blake Jenner (27, "What / If") from 2015 to 2017, the separation confirmed the couple at the end of 2016. From September 1, she is married to her colleague "Supergirl" Chris Wood (31, "The Flash").