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Prince Andrew: Marriage of Kate and William threatened with scandal Epstein

A cold Friday in February 2011 in London. While the people and the royal family are eagerly awaiting the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29, according to Vanity Fair at Buckingham Palace, the phone rings in the office of Ed Perkins, private secretary to Prince Andrew. At the other end of the line: Sian James, deputy editor of the tabloid "Mail on Sunday". You are planning an article about Andrew and want a statement. What Perkins could not guess for now: The story was supposed to be one of the most explosive things the royal family ever experienced.

Scandal about Prince Andrew

They interviewed a certain Virginia Roberts, explained Sian James. The woman claims that American businessman Jeffrey Epstein led her to prostitution in the late 1990s as a minor, forcing her to have sex with Prince Andrew at three. in 2001. Research on "Mail on Sunday" revealed that there would be recordings of aircraft movements corroborating Robert's statements. In addition, the newspaper would have a photo taken in 2001, on which Prince Andrew had an arm around the waist of the then 17-year-old girl. "Would you please write all this in an email?", Perkins would have asked the editor according to "Vanity Fair". "It may take a few hours for us to answer you."

"Well done, the prince was having fun"

Prince Andrew + Virginia Roberts sex sheet

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts

A prominent member of the British royal family, a son of Queen Elizabeth, involved in a sex scandal involving a minor? A Supergau PR. According to several knowledgeable people, the Queen was not amused, realizing that Virginia Roberts' story could eclipse the positive media that had emerged as a result of the impending marriage of William and Kate. ", writes Vanity Fair in an August 2011 article, which is gaining relevance due to recent developments by Andrew and Epstein.

Prince William + Duchess Catherine

He gave this special promise to Kate for the wedding

When Prince William stopped to take the hand of the Duchess Catherine, he made her a promise. As a result, the 36 year old player was not forced to make a big sacrifice.

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So they tried to protect William and Kate's wedding

It is said that the queen asked her second youngest son what the story was about and there were other revelations to come. Andrew would have denied and reassured the queen that he had no sexual contact with Virginia Roberts. In order to stifle the scandal at None, Andrew, with the help of his lawyers, would have drawn up a document to warn the press of the spread of Epstein-Roberts. This does not prevent the Mail on Sunday from publishing the interview and other media that do not broadcast the story – but at least to say that Andrew denies the allegations.

Whether it's the palace's own strategy or the young couple's euphoria – the wedding mirage of William and Kate on April 29, 2011, the scandal surrounding Prince Andrew has not hurt.

Prince William + Duchess Catherine

Dream wedding in England

Source used: Vanity Fair