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Schlager-Star surprised at the second "marriage" with Xavier Naidoo

For a very special reason, two and a half years after the wedding, Vanessa Mai and Andreas Ferber once again made the step in front of the wedding altar – and in front of a very special "witness".

Vanessa Mai has been conjecturing her fans about her Instagram account for several days now. Why is it just on various recent photos of the wedding dress to see? Her husband, Andreas Ferber, had already been in prison in June 2017.

It wasn't until November 27th, the 27-year-old transmitted the secret: behind the posts it is not a second marriage, but a music video for their new single "Did you ever". And that's exactly what the premiere celebrated. Incidentally, Vanessa Mai threw herself into her original ballad wedding dress.

In addition to her real husband, she will also wait for a "better man" and a duet companion at the wedding altar. The song was recorded by the singer along with Xavier Naidoo.

"Have you ever" is the third release of Vanessa Mais' upcoming album entitled "Forever", which will be released in January next year.

Wedding in the summer of 2017

In the summer of 2017, Vanessa Mai and Andreas Ferber have secretly, secretly and silently given the yes. "Marriage was a very moving moment, Andreas is the love of my life, I am happy that we are now officially also husband and wife," he revealed in a conversation with the "Gala".

Schlagerprinzessin met Andrea Berg's stepson in 2012, but only a year later he officially became a couple. In December 2016, Andreas put the question to all the questions to the woman of his dreams in Mallorca. Exactly in this place a few months later his love was marked by Yes.