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Sportfreunde Lotte: Bankruptcy threatens, wages stay out – football

Press release of VfL Sportfreunde Lotte e.V. players in the formulation

After the relegation of the 3rd league, all players knew that the new season in Regionalliga West would be a troubled adventure. It does not matter whether the players are in the club for a long time or are new to the club.

The coaches and the team have goals that they want to achieve together and give the best of each. Positive performance development and mutual understanding of the game is visible and represents a very positive foundation for us, the players.

It is probably understandable that rumors about a possible insolvency of the team and the environment are uncertain. The framework conditions for an ambitious team are therefore significantly deteriorating. It often lacks the basic elements such as tape, water, fruits, medicines …
Nevertheless, we do our utmost to ensure that these conditions do not affect our sports performance.

There have been many late and missing salary payments in recent months. Unfortunately, this does not concern us only as a team, but also the coach and the functional team are affected.

There is no communication from the club management (Florian Heinrichs, Sven Westerhus and Manfred Wilke).

In particular, from our board of directors, Sven Westerhus and Florian Heinrichs, we expected more interpersonal tact through their work as a management consultant and insurance agents.

The promises of the club management are not kept. The very good relationship between the team and the team of coaches is not disturbed.
As a player or professional, our priority is to ensure the sporting success of our club. At the same time, we must also ensure that our families and ourselves ensure that our profession also protects our personal lives. For the reasons mentioned above, especially the wages paid late and partially paid, there is a unilateral breach of contract on the part of the association.

From our point of view, it is to be feared that the serene and concentrated work becomes more and more difficult under these conditions.

The team's planning is absolutely tight and sewn in the back, as you can currently see the current situation of the goalkeeper. It is understandable that you, as a player, in these situations, that his thoughts about it and his head are not free.

At Sportfreunde Lotte, there is no Lotte currently engaged in an open and binding conversation or making reliable statements. We think we belong to the SFL family, but we are obviously not taken seriously.

As a team, we are ready to deliver and expect from the club the agreed counterpart in our work contract.

We are very motivated and will continue to give everything to our SFL family, but we also expect a professional environment from the club leadership. It is only then that we will have the opportunity to perform well.

We hope that this information will serve to clarify the sometimes unsustainable conditions in a team of professionals. We are employees of the association, but we are not minors who can be moved.

As long as responsible sports officials are silenced and spread lies about improving communication in the press, nothing will change in our perception. For the words must be followed acts.

We want reliable, equitable relationships and communication at eye level.

In this spirit, we will go to Aachen next Saturday, do our best and be very proud to bring three points to Lotte. In this sense – Full Lotte!

L & # 39; crew