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The family falls in the back: because Kate probably can't with Meghan

The family must have been a safe place, but the Duchess Meghan must always come to terms with her relative on the back. Now his uncle comments and explains why he thinks there is a dispute between Meghan and her sister-in-law Kate.

Duchess Meghan is not really easy with her family in the United States. Meanwhile, a relative appears to intervene with the newcomer to the British royal family. Now it's his 80-year-old uncle, Mike Markle, who causes problems. He probably has an account opened with her that dates back many years.

"Meghan grew up socially and left us behind – we feel that way," Markle said in an interview with the British newspaper Daily Mail. He once gave his granddaughter a prestigious internship at the American Embassy in Argentina, he said. At that time he would aspire to a career in international relations. His influence, which is probably greater today than Meghan ever imagined, regrets it for his family.

"Past when you were of lower class"

Mike Markle calls Meghan a first woman. His father spoiled too much, more than his other children. It has a high ambition. This could be why he doesn't understand his sister-in-law. Presumably, Duchess Meghan and Duchess Kate do not agree. There is no official information

Meghan is immature, says Mike Markle. It gives the impression that the Duchess is provocative and attaches great importance to her new privileges. As a reason he calls it origin. "I think this happens when you're underground and you're trying to escape this reality," says Mike Markle. Perhaps it is explained so that there is no contact with his niece.

Although not only Mike Markle, but still other relatives of the Duchess Meghan say that they would like to contact each other, so at the moment one cannot expect a family reconciliation. The half-brother has recently apologized publicly for his statements on Meghan. But as soon as a controversy ends, there is another one.