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The queen inherits an incredible amount – the last wish of the donor is surprising

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An entrepreneur has inherited some 58 million euros from Elizabeth II and has a clear idea of ​​what to do with them. Will the queen stay there?

  • A contractor has Queen Elizabeth II about 58 million euros inherited
  • the British Royal House should grow with the assets of a new royal yacht
  • But if the last will of the multimillionaire is actually realized is questionable.

London – Im British Royal House negative stocks do not break off at the present time. Rumors about the alleged tense relationship between Prince William and Harry, the emotional outbursts and missteps of the Duchess Meghan and in particular the scandal of abuse surrounding Prince Andrew's son. Queen Elizabeth II currently has enough trouble. But one thing is certainly not one of them: the money problems. Because the monarch is one of the richest women in the world. (Even though apparently in the royal house, the theft by pop stars is more often stolen …)

Queen Elizabeth II inherits 58 million people – with a decadent past

But only the British entrepreneur of the royal family, Donald Gosling, should now have left 50 million pounds (about 58 million euros). This is reported by the English Dailymail. The will of the contractor, who died in September, should also mention the planned use of the property. The multimillionaire, who died at the age of 90, obviously wanted the royal family to pick up a yacht worthy of the name.

In 1997, under the reign of Tony Blair, the royal family had to separate from the royal yacht Britannia. At the closing ceremony, the queen even shed a tear at the time. Donald Gosling then offered him his 50 million pounds worth of luxury Leander G boat for free use.

Does the queen fulfill the last wishes of Donald Gosling?

After his death, the entrepreneur apparently wants to make sure that the royal family will continue to travel in a suitable yacht in the future. But if the queen actually uses the assets, it's debatable. British columnist Charlotte Griffiths does not believe that the Queen buys a yacht at her age. What happens to the millions is rather debatable.


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